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  1. AndiiBoii

    AndiiBoii Member


    I am experiencing a BIG ISSUE with my phone right now.

    Here is the video, but before that - Let me explain what I THINK it happened.

    - As 5/27/2012 in PA.
    It was raining.
    I had my phone charging for a while.
    Then when the battery was completely charged, I removed the [MICRO-USB] charger from it.
    As soon I grabbed it in my hands. I felt the vibration and the noise it was making. It looked like my phone was being HACKED.
    I got scared, I finished watching the movie " Transformers " That scene when the little robot hacks into the military databases. All you see its the screens going blank and showing some lines and letters. Well.... that`s what just happened to my phone.
    And since the stormy day -- My phone just got an attack. heart attack?.BATTERY ATTACK !?



    Samsung Conquer: GOING crazy :( - YouTube

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    While turned off.. you might try pulling the battery out and then reinstall it. That will force a hard reboot and just maybe clear up your problem. If not.... perhaps another will have a another avenue to try.
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  3. ColtsWalker

    ColtsWalker Well-Known Member

    In the video it looks like the flashing behavior ceases when you plug the phone into the charger, and resumes when you disconnect the charger, is this correct? Because,if it was hijacked by some sort of malware, charger state wouldn't trigger or cease behavior. Some of these phones use electrical current detect for the touch screen sensory input, which is also sensitive to voltage regulation. My opinion of the behavior is that the phone seems to be acting as though it is receiving input from the touch screen (as if you were pressing a spot on the screen) even though you are not, which could be a defect in the touch screen sensor or in the voltage regulator on the battery circuit (based on the behavior occurring when disconnected from charger.) So if rebooting the phone via better pull as previously suggested fails to resolve, it is likely the phone has a physical defect and will require provider exchange.
  4. AndiiBoii

    AndiiBoii Member

    You are so right, Im gonna call you It Pro !

    That is definitely what I thought happened.
    An electrical shock from the storm maybe sent a overcharge to the phone.
    It failed by rebooting, failed at "factory data reset "
    I even thought rooting the phone. But I kind of knew it was not the phone itself but a hardware problem. I also suspect that it`s because the weather. As 05/29 ITS SOOOOOOO HOT !!!

    Only options is to send it back and get a new one. Thankfully I have phone insurance $8 per month. And also I still have my warranty from samsung :)
  5. djspork

    djspork New Member

    i had this exact problem happen to me two days ago. did the same, factory reset and remove battery with no effect BUT once i got back to my car, i was at work at the time, i was able to save the handset for the time being.

    first plug it in.
    remove battery while plugged in
    phone will stay on.
    remove charger.
    phone off
    attach charger and press power to turn it on. it will not turn on.
    remove charger.
    insert battery.
    power on while pressing very firmly on sprint logo's dotted i.
    breathe a sigh of relief
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