Samsung Dart T499 Rooted

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  1. steph2

    steph2 New Member

    I got this thing rooted with superoneclick for Galaxy S.

    I will post link to rooting tool and a guide after work over the next few days.

    I am working on a rom dump as well, I was hopeing to compile a bit of info on this phone.

    Heres the link

  2. aston4

    aston4 Member

    Nice! I've been waiting for this. Did you get your phone after seeing it for $100 at

    I absolutely love this phone, it's so light & small in the pocket yet full featured android, though with suck screen. I don't use my Galaxy S GTi9000m anymore, can't wait for root.
  3. trunk8d

    trunk8d Member

    I also rooted the Samsung Dart SGH-T499. Used Superoneclick 1.6.5.
    Been testing apps and usability seems fine. Now I need an overclocking kernal for further testing.
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  4. Hinzman420

    Hinzman420 New Member

    You dont need this guide all you have to do is enable usb mass storage on your samsung dart along with usb debugging and use super one click. Had phone rooted in 5 minutes. Enabling usb mass storage installs all needed drivers and adb.
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  5. t499user

    t499user Active Member

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  6. stfb1055

    stfb1055 New Member

    i need help... i am new here and i want to root my samsung dart and i dunno what i am doing.. i wanna to cheat zenonia 3 lol
  7. javahooked

    javahooked New Member

    I am trying to root my dart but gets stuck at Step # 5 "Waitfor Device". Any idea how to get it to work? Currently running Superoneclick v2.3.3.0. Thanks in advance.
  8. pclov3r

    pclov3r New Member

    You sure you have all the drivers installed?

    It worked perfectly for me using Superoneclick 2.3.3
  9. ShawnnKushh

    ShawnnKushh Member

    i know that most mini ROMs arent cross compatible with the Samsung T-499(galaxy mini rebranded by T-mobile) but is there any work-around to get this compatible with the Dart? by flashing the beta here i did get it to boot, though i had no service from T-mobile and upon attempting to shut down the phone it simply rebooted continuously. the dart is surprisingly unsupported when it comes to anything regarding Roms and such, and i was wondering if we could change this. im not much of a developer but id be willing to help out any way needed to change this. i was considering starting a thread just for the dart to see what i could come up with.

    edit: the thread I started for the dart can be located here
  10. dewdle

    dewdle Member

    I'm a newbie smartphone user, and never tweaked/hacked our 3g phones. Since helpful info was spread across a few different places, I made myself a mini-tutorial with links to help me get through the rooting of my Dart phone, then added comments as I went through the rooting.

    Not sure if it matters, but I haven't setup any cellphone plans on it yet - so far I've only connected via wifi (at home, not in public). So all of this was done via WiFi only.

    1. DL'd SuperOneClick onto PC desktop from:
    SuperOneClick |
    (scroll past big screenshot - SuperOneClick "requires .Net Framework 2.0 or higher to operate", extract zip to desktop, and make sure to be in Admin mode on laptop/PC when running SuperOneClick)

    2. Loaded this tutorial on laptop:
    Root Any Android Device And Samsung Captivate With Super One-Click App

    - Step 2 has us connect our phone to our pc via USB cable - Windows had to look up and install drivers for the USB-to-Android connection, since I hadn't connected Dart to my laptop yet - it took a few minutes to install the handful of drivers.

    - Step 3 of tutorial has us enable USB Debugging on our Dart - here's a pictorial of how to enable USB Debugging on the Android:
    How to Enable Usb Debugging Android Mobile | iOS, Android,Jailbreaking

    - Step 5 does not apply to Dart phones, skip to step 6 - After clicking Root button, lotsa techie/code stuff scrolls by for a few minutes, asks if I want BUSYBOX - say YES because later on a Root-App complained about me not having it (which was fixed by rebooting). Finally, SuperOneClick tells me it's done, do I want to test it, sure - the result: OK (but I forgot to do step 7, which is "Allow Non Market Apps" button in SuperOneCLick, which might have contributed to some minor problems later - anyway I'm reloading SuperOneClick to do that button, just in case).

    So I guess I'm rooted now? YES!! There's a SUPERUSER Icon in my apps menu, yay?

    PS: This is where I should have rebooted my Dart - had the tutorial told me to LOL, but it still worked out.

    I install my first app-that-requires-root: Titanium Backup. Once DL'd and installed, Titanium BU is asking for root rights - OMG it failed, saying I don't have BusyBox (which I said yes to during SuperOneClick).

    Well maybe "rebooting" might help? I power-down, restart, NOW Titanium Backup is working.

    Now Titanium Backup is warning me that "your ROM is rooted but the "su" binary has non-optimal access rights, which may cause problems...Titanium BU can fix this problem autmatically in many cases. Do you want to proceed?

    Well sure, now I have to reboot again (at least Titanium Backup tells me to LOL)

    Restarted 2nd time, backed up a few apps I did stuff with. So it seems all is going well.

    Now trying another root-required-app Adfree, no complaints about SuperUser permissions, whew! It seems I'm properly rooted finally.

    Good luck!
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  11. Bullfrog1986

    Bullfrog1986 New Member

    did you make a total system backup after you rooted it? i rooted my phone (to try to open up some system memory by moving/removing native apps) could you post a link to a backup?

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