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  1. apemanadc777

    apemanadc777 New Member

    Is the T-mobil dart phone sim the only sim that can be used or can you use a tracfone sim with this phone?

  2. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    Unless you unlock your phone, the T-Mobile SIM card is the only SIM compatible with the Dart. Even then, I've never known anyone to use a Tracfone SIM in an unlocked phone. I'm assuming it will work but am not for sure.
  3. t499user

    t499user Active Member

    Once you SIM unlock your phone you can use any normal sized sim card in your phone. I have used AT&T, WMFM(T-Mobile), and Telcel(Mexico) sim cards in my t499.

    If you want to root the SGH-T499, superoneclick does work. SuperOneClick |

    You can gratis(free) sim/network unlock this phone very easily, you must do this on one of the original stock roms: xda-developers [TUTORIAL] Unlock Samsung [GT-S5570 / i5500 / Galaxy Ace]

    The stock T-mobile and Mobilicity(Very Clean/Stock/Canadian) roms for the T499 are available here: [Archive] Stock ROMs and Tools

    If I have helped you at all please click on thanks :)

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