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  1. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

    I was in my local Office Depot the other day and picked up a Samsung Galaxy universal multimedia desktop dock on clearance for $10. USB syncing and the audio out functions don't work, however, it charges just fine. I'm using a Body Glove Satin case on my Volt and I have to remove it to get the phone fully seated on the micro-USB connector.

    I figured for 10 bucks, it makes a nice spare charger and would work good for using the phone as an alarm clock when traveling.

  2. aguba

    aguba Well-Known Member

    I had no clue a major manufacturer made a case for our phone. How is it? Is it relatively thin or kind of bulky?
  3. KC_Ryan

    KC_Ryan Member

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised too when I found it. It's fairly thin and doesn't add much bulk at all to the phone. The color is dark grey and adds a nice contrast to the white VM Volt, IMO.

    I'll try to get some photos and start another thread in case anyone else is interested.

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