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Samsung Epic 4G touch screen not working.Support

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  1. raptorpose

    raptorpose Member

    For no reason at all, the touch screen on my Epic randomly stopped working. I had a lock on my phone and I couldn't drag it up and the only way to unlock my phone was to slide the keyboard out. However, even when it's unlocked, I can't click on any icons, can't move to any of the other screens, nothing. The four buttons on the bottom work, but nothing on the main screen.

    The only way I can get around on it is if I use the arrow keys on the keyboard. I've tried doing a factory reset (twice) and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. raptorpose

    raptorpose Member

    Also, whenever I press the "Home" button on the bottom, there's a blue border around the icon as if it's selected, but still unable to press it. Only way to open the program is if I press the enter key on the keyboard.

    Edit; Whenever I press the arrow keys to move to a different icon, it'll lag really bad.
  3. monkey30butt

    monkey30butt Member

    Are you stock or rooted & running a ROM? If so which ROM/Kernal?

    If you are stock & have done a hard reset & the issue still presists, then it is likely a hardware issue & a visit to the Sprint store is in your future. I hope you have TEP.

    If you are rooted & ROMed then try a clean install to stock & if it still persists then I still see a Sprint store in your future.

    Good Luck......;)
  4. TheAlien

    TheAlien Well-Known Member

    My phone has been doing that as well lately. And it just started, coincidentally after the recent Android Market update that forced the google book app in. Mine is stock, no root. And it does it randomly. Hard boot, battery removal, etc...does nothing to solve the issue. It's as though something is running in the background that eats the processor time and eventually just lets go and everything works again.
  5. raptorpose

    raptorpose Member

    Mine started to work again a few hours after I posted this thread. However, it recently started not working again today, tried pulling the battery, tried factory reset (again), etc. nothing works.
  6. gruzalskigr

    gruzalskigr Active Member

    My phone is doing the same thing ... the touch screen simply becomes unresponsive. The phone is "stock." From what I've read, I should do a hard reset. Can anyone direct me to a post that explains exactly how to do this (on an Epic 4G) without loosing the information that's on my phone? I don't know how to back up my phone; I don't know how to do the hard reset; and I don't know how to restore my phone from a backup. (If it matters, I have a MacBook Air.)

    And I don't know if this is related or not, but I've tried to update my phone's PRL. I get a message telling me that it was updated and that my device must reset the radio. Add that to the list of things I don't know how to do.

    This is extremely frustrating.

    Do iPhones have this much trouble?

  7. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    The phone resetting the radio after a prl update is automatic, it's just warning you that it's going to happen. In order to factory reset and not lose anything you'd have to root, so there is a bit you'd have to read and become familiar with before you did that. However restoring your data may be counter productive if the issue is corrupted data. You may be better off just copying down any info you need, writing a list of your apps, factory resetting, then redownloading everything and re-adding everything from scratch. To do a factory reset go to menu, settings, privacy, data/factory reset. Once chosen it will boot recovery on it's own and wipe your data partition. It can also be system partition corruption, in which case you would need to use a desktop program called odin to flash (install) the stock system after wiping everything from the device, not just user data. This isn't difficult, the instructions are easy and up to date images for FC09 and FC19 are available if you choose to do this.
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  8. panigrahi

    panigrahi New Member

    Ideally such problems occurs due to the following:
    1) Faulty Chargers
    2) SD-card corruption

    Try any of the following to fix the problem.
    1) Remove the SD card and power ON the phone
    2) Try charging the device with different charger (OEM Charger preffered)

    If the issue is with SD card then please take the backup of all your important data and format it (fat32).
    Hope this helps...
  9. chimy727

    chimy727 New Member

    I have the same issue! Will I be able to restore my contacts if I do a system restore?
    (None of the suggestions worked) My touch screen will not work. I cant unlock the phone even. The power and volume buttons do work though.

    EDIT: I did a factory reset and IT STILL WONT WORK. Can anyone help? I don't want to have to pay 100$ under total protection.
  10. zombu2

    zombu2 Well-Known Member

    Send it in for repair plain and simple
  11. chimy727

    chimy727 New Member

    Does sprint allow you to do that free of charge? I have total coverage and for a new phone it is 100$. Looking through their terms I didn't read much about sending it in.

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