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Samsung Exhibit 2 4G - VOIP - echo free - minimal delayTips

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  1. deschmit

    deschmit New Member

    I have Samsung Exhibit 2 4G with the t-mobile $30 with 100 minute plan. I'm wondering if anyone has had luck with VOIP that doesn't use cell minutes.

    I've tried Groove IP, Talkatone, Sipdroid. I have not yet tried Csipsimple, but will do so soon. So far, I'm always running in to the same problems.

    The person I call hears an echo of their voice. This the echo can be remedied in some VOIP applications by turning on echo cancellation options, however the echo cancellation adds a noticeable voice delay between the two phones.

    If I have echo or delay the call is not bearable for the other party. At least, that is what they tell me :)

    I have found one option that is echo free with minimal delay. I turn off echo cancellation and use headphones to prevent audio feedback into the mic. But, this isn't a good solution for me. I don't want to carry around ear buds. Also, I would like to use the speakerphone. I suppose I could keep the left ear bud and share right ear bud with someone else, but what do I do if there are 3 people? (Don't answer that question. It is a joke :)

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has a decently working setup. If so, could you please share?

    BTW, I'm running peach sunrise. I kind of wonder if things work better in CM9. I haven't tried.

  2. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    Vonage Mobile works perfect for me and its free.
  3. deschmit

    deschmit New Member

    Thanks. Vonage does work pretty good for out going calls. Don't think there is a way to use it for incoming calls, but it is still very good for what it does.

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