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Samsung Exhibit ii Battery ProblemSupport

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  1. Guitarman5

    Guitarman5 New Member

    I just updated the firmware on my exhibit yesterday to android 2.3.6 and now every time i plug in the charger, a message will pop up after a few seconds saying that the battery is disconnected. Is anybody else experiencing this problem or know a solution to fix it?

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard. There are things you could do to narrow down the problem. 1.) Try using a different charger. 2.) Replace the battery. If after doing both things - and problem still persist, then it might be fair enough to say that the device is defective and need to be replaced.

    Hopefully someone who has a better solution might chime in to help. Good luck. &#8226;&#65103;&#8226;
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  3. anaconda691

    anaconda691 Well-Known Member

    A family member with the same phone just recently had the update and also has the same exact issue stated above, looks like a software glitch. Might have to complain to samsung in order to get another update to resolve it, or if you mod your phone, you could try to restore an earlier android version until the problem is solved.
  4. msaeger

    msaeger Well-Known Member

    Mine was doing that shortly after I got it and I was pretty sure the usb jack was damaged because it would stop if I held the plug the right way. Well it did it for a week or so and hasn't since. I probably should have just sent it in for warranty but I didn't want to be without a phone and I figured that warranty is a year and I seem to get a new one every year so I am just seeing what happens.
  5. starflower7

    starflower7 Member

    Mine did that a couple times before and after the update but it's fine now.
  6. Guitarman5

    Guitarman5 New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I ordered a replacement battery for my phone from amazon to see if that would help. The batteries i ordered were anker and came with two batteries and an external charger. I guess if all went wrong I could just use the external charger. But anyways, after I received them I tried them out right away. One of the still showed the same message but the other one worked correctly with no error message and charges correctly. I still have no idea why one would work and the other ones won't. I charged my other batteries with the external charger and now just keep them for backup.

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