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Samsung Exhibit ll 4G ( Use 3G?)General

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  1. jazzycolours

    jazzycolours New Member

    Hi guys. What's up. I'm Ok. So I'm planning on buying the Samsung Exhibit ll 4G on the next few weeks, Ill be travelling to US and I'm planning to buy this phone. I currently live in Mozambique so I know I may not use all of the features but only one is the most Important for me. I live in a excellent 3G signal reception place and I use my current phone on 3.5G (Nokia N97 mini). My question is, If i buy this phone, will I be able to use 3G not 4G, because I have seen people saying that if you don't live in the US, the phone will not use 4G/3G, only EDGE. So, is it true? Or i will be able to use full 3G (as I am using now) on the exhibit ll 4G? Thanks In advance.

    PS: Merry Christmas Everyone :).

  2. irateiguana

    irateiguana Member

    Using it in the US you should get 4G depending on your location. In Mozambique it all depends on the bands of your carrier there, this is a world phone so I would imagine it would work, but you would need to get it unlocked.
  3. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    In the USA the phone works on 4G / 3G / 1xEV / 1xev / 1x. Only reason I know this is I have seen mime read all those across the top status bar. As for the phone even working out side of the country is a totally different story.

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