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  1. jazzycolours

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    Dec 24, 2011
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    Hi guys. What's up. I'm Ok. So I'm planning on buying the Samsung Exhibit ll 4G on the next few weeks, Ill be travelling to US and I'm planning to buy this phone. I currently live in Mozambique so I know I may not use all of the features but only one is the most Important for me. I live in a excellent 3G signal reception place and I use my current phone on 3.5G (Nokia N97 mini). My question is, If i buy this phone, will I be able to use 3G not 4G, because I have seen people saying that if you don't live in the US, the phone will not use 4G/3G, only EDGE. So, is it true? Or i will be able to use full 3G (as I am using now) on the exhibit ll 4G? Thanks In advance.

    PS: Merry Christmas Everyone :).

  2. irateiguana

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    Aug 8, 2011
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    Using it in the US you should get 4G depending on your location. In Mozambique it all depends on the bands of your carrier there, this is a world phone so I would imagine it would work, but you would need to get it unlocked.
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    Apr 2, 2011
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    In the USA the phone works on 4G / 3G / 1xEV / 1xev / 1x. Only reason I know this is I have seen mime read all those across the top status bar. As for the phone even working out side of the country is a totally different story.

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