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  1. Edbanger

    Edbanger Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone.
    I am thinking about getting the galaxy note when its available in the UK, At the moment I have a HTC desire HD. All my phone contacts have their Facebook profile picture and details linked to that contact. Also in my phones photo gallery, I have a Facebook button to look at all my contacts Facebook albums, nothing else. Do Samsung phones have this kind of intergration too, or is it unique to HTC ?
    Are there any real plus points getting a Samsung over HTC.?
    Is the camera quality anygood. How about the music player. Is the sound quality decent. Is it loud at max volume? My HTC is low volume, and its annoying. How about build quality?
    Thanks all.

  2. kautukraj

    kautukraj Member

    u should get a Samsung
    integration is a features of HTC sense. Samsung is better than HTC

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