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Samsung Galaxsy S paper weight due to too many pattern attemptsSupport

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  1. minkonthemoon

    minkonthemoon Member

    Hello all, :p

    My 7 year old, 5year old & 3 & 1/2 year old are able to do terrible things to my phone & computers! I hope I am one of many frustrated & forlorn parents who have great kids that are obviously a rung or 3 up the evolutionary ladder! Perhaps we should start a support group! LMAO I am new to android & so far I love it, so much that you can do on this platform & as i am a lateral thinker it is so much fun being able to get apps that seem to allow my though processes & not miss a beat, what a delight. NOt too impressed with the pattern lock at the moment though but I am hopeful of finding a solution there...or admiring my Very expensive paper weight that might have been so much fun!! I am currently very tentative about all the programming stuff but I guess in time & with help from all the learned folk out there I will be able to have the best & most productive tool completely customized for me that I could imagine. Do let me know if I am deluded as it would save me much heart ache, ;).

    Hope to be educated well here so thanks in advance for your patience & assistance!

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums, Mink!

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem but I'm sure there's a way to avoid it becoming a paperweight. I'll move this to the Samsung Galaxy S forum in the hope that one of the members there can offer a solution.

    Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. minkonthemoon

    minkonthemoon Member

    Thanks for that Slug, I am not up to speed with this forum thing so I am not sure what you want for intro's. Read another post that was a bit huffy about my post being in the wrong place so I have changed it but I guess it is still not appropriate for some reason??? (again) have looked at all the posts that are up & none have an answer that I have not tired so I am not very hopeful anymore of salvaging my paper weight!
  4. minkonthemoon

    minkonthemoon Member

    [​IMG] Samsung Galaxsy S paper weight due to too many pattern attempts
    Hey folks, just re-posting my orriginal post (before I edited it due to it being in the wrong forum, oops! sorry 'bout that)

    I am a total newby to android & have had my phone (that I love BTW, BUT for this one issue!) for about 2 weeks so I have only just started to realize what I can do with it, & certainly have not yet been able to load root thingies & stuff to protect me from my self when I am just stuffing around on it, when, my Miss 7 decided to be nasty after I told her she was not to play with my phone & told me she was going to "really screw up my phone & lock me out of it!!!!" Well...:eek: I took a breath, picked up my figurative jaw from the floor & as I had just changed the pattern lock again I figured she would have a go & then it would tell her to go away & she would. NO SUCH LUCK! She waited & did it the however many time needed to send it to the " too many pattern attempts" google user name & pass word screen & now 3 days later neither my carrier nor the manufacturer is willing to assist me! Oh I can of course pay a service company some $60 bucks to "possibly" unlock it but..:mad:...I kind of resent this as it is something that someone should have at the very least notified the new user of the possibility of this happening in pattern lock! I would most certainly then have chosen not to use it as I have 3 kids under 7 & therefore it would be a very high probability that this would happen at least every other day. So first thins first, I have tried almost all of the things listed in the forums that are written in newby speak , none have worked, & I have been searching at every possible moment since miss 7 really did screw up my phone. Please is there any one who can give me a hand here or do I just throw the bastard away!:confused: I have been unsuccessful in the methods I have tried & even the lovely lad at the Optus store was so helpful but he too ended up wanting to throw the phone & even asked if he could! lol I have set up Kies but there is no where that my uninitiated self has been able to find to do a major reset & I am under the impression that because I did not set the phone up to receive data yet I can not by pass any thing via computer unless I have a flash program or something, will try anything that is reasonable to save my Galaxsy...so what to do. I await any advice with eagerness but I think the hope is fading...

    Cheers to one & all,

  5. Jayces10

    Jayces10 Member

    Not knowing what advice you have triesd so far I apologise in advance if you have already tried this.

    My iunderstanding from your post is you have locked the phone and forgotten the unlock pattern?

    I've tested this on my pbone and if you forget the pattern it asks you t sign in with your google mail account you set up on the phone originally.

    Can you n ot do that?

    If you can[t sign in on your phone with those details as you have forgotten them then just go to www.google.com on a computer and try and sign in there and use the forgot login details to retrieve your login and password and then you should be able to use them on the phone?

    If you don't have any data service set up on your phone though then I fear you will need some sort of hardware reset, no idea how you do that though sorry.
  6. minkonthemoon

    minkonthemoon Member

    Yes have done this multiple times & have reset the phone god knows how many times. I did not forget the pattern, if you read the above posts you would see that my evil 7 year old daughter decided to be mean to me & purposely mucked around with the pattern until it locked me out. I am hoping for a reboot from my pc but as yet have not found a suggestion for this on any forum. Thanks for your post anyway.
    Cheers, Mink!
  7. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

  8. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

  9. ledhed

    ledhed New Member

    Same thing happened to me. Call in to your phone, answer it then while on the call go to settings and turn off the password lock. Only thing that worked for me.
  10. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    May be instead of stopping your daughter from using it, you should allow her to play some games on your phone, but under you supervision of course. If you do that, it will be a little stupid for her to lock the phone, won't it?
  11. jimatr

    jimatr Active Member

    I don't understand, if she changed the lock pattern so you can't unlock the phone, or if she fiddled it so the phone locked and said go away, both situations are remedied by pressing "forgot unlock pattern"?
  12. luvmeplz143

    luvmeplz143 New Member

    Follow these steps n ur phone will be back to normal for sure 100%(for htc desire)
    Resetting the phone using phone buttons
    1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button. 2 . Wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button. 3 . Press VOLUME DOWN to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press POWER. 4 . When asked to confirm, press VOLUME UP. Factory resetting your phone does not delete the contents in your microSD card.
  13. PezSimo84

    PezSimo84 New Member

    We have had our Samsung locked for almost two weeks - we tried going in to google and changing the account password, tried creating a new account and password and went through every gmail account we have ever had. Regardless of what we tried the password or username was incorrect.

    We tried the system reboot, by holding the volume up, home key and power button and that reset the system but didn't unlock the phone.

    The only way that worked was by having someone call and accessing the menu during the call and turning off the security settings. To who ever suggested that thank you soooo much!!

    We also called vodafone who told us it wasn't their problem but to contact Samsung. So you saved as many phone calls back and forth.

    I believe this must be some fault of the phone, because it has been set up as the default option should you forget your pattern, but it obviously doesn't work.

    Goodluck with your phones :)
  14. b4ngali

    b4ngali New Member

    Hi All,

    Just to let you guys/gals know, my 3yr old had locked my phone and the advice by LEDHEAD worked perfectly....


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