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  1. androidhrk

    androidhrk New Member

    Hi All,

    is samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 able to run android 2.3? i search a lot nothing helpful found..

    I like android 2.3 feature & very eager to know whether galaxy 3 able to run android 2.3 or not..

    pls help me in this..

    thnaks in advance

  2. kanaanvesh

    kanaanvesh New Member

  3. galaxy124

    galaxy124 New Member

    Froyo for Galaxy 3/Apollo is scheduled for april 2011 via Kies (official)

    Technically it is possible to run Gingerbread(android 2.3) on Galaxy 3/Apollo
  4. akash.gpta

    akash.gpta Member

    Guys!! wake up!!
    we no longer need the froyo...gingerbread is up...
    we need to tell Samsung to give the 2.3 rather than 2.2...
    what do u all think????
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  5. ranadip.bswas

    ranadip.bswas Member

  6. ranadip.bswas

    ranadip.bswas Member

    btw i blv android gingerbread firmware for galaxy3 will b availbl there within 2 mnths..!!!

    nd u can flash it on ur android..
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  7. Sandeepranade

    Sandeepranade Member

    I don't think it will work 2.3 needs 1 GHz processor.
  8. ghpk

    ghpk Member

    Any reference link for saying this ?
    I do see samsung guys have always given mixed answers to Galaxy 3 users about froyo update.

    If they are going to give it in April, I am going to install the custom firmware this weekend.
    I am out of phone memory and don't want to wait another 4 months for the stupid update.
  9. Sandeepranade

    Sandeepranade Member

  10. ghpk

    ghpk Member

    Thanks Sandeep,
    anyway have you installed Froyo on Galaxy 3 ?

    I am reading thru so i can do it on mine.
  11. reagnon

    reagnon Member

    I'm sorry, but that's just a hoax, Check this

    Furthermore, i think we should be glad to have 2.2 in the near future, 2.3 will probably be for the summer...
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  12. ghpk

    ghpk Member

    reagnon, with the speed Samsung is pushing updates for Galaxy users, I think it will take 2.3 another year to reach us.

    Anyway I just rooted my i5801 and installed livewallpapers, and will be loading Froyo in next couple of days.
  13. Sandeepranade

    Sandeepranade Member

  14. Sandeepranade

    Sandeepranade Member

  15. nunchez

    nunchez New Member

  16. Craig12

    Craig12 Well-Known Member

    same here, i dont think it will be done and if it is i think it will be very slow :(

    Good luck trying though :D
  17. Darshan_Parab

    Darshan_Parab New Member

  18. madhu.sdhn

    madhu.sdhn New Member

    hi can u pls give the link of android 2.3 custom rom to me i will also install pls to
  19. joandropo

    joandropo Member

    I upgraded my galaxy 3 I5801 at last to android 2.2... but now the real question... Is it possible to upgrade it to android 2.3 or not??? :confused:
  20. fallenhd

    fallenhd Member

    there a article which says that samsung is planning to release gingerbread for the whole galaxy line by year end because sony and lg are doing it for their phones.
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