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Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-i5503General

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  1. deyes24

    deyes24 New Member

    Hi i got my samsung galaxy 5 GT-i5503, i was disappointed when i knew that all my applications was stored in the systems instead of sd card. I want to move all my applications to the SD card yet i don't. I tried to search for answers at google and fairly enough i found one which is i should download universal androot and install it. after installing universal androot i already rooted my phone. Saw superuser permission icon in the phone menu . upon clicking superuser permission icon i tried to select applications but there was none in the list... so i think my rooting was not successful... can someone help me with this? i just want my application to be stored in the sd card...

    can i update my mobile phone also?

  2. Ernie_C

    Ernie_C Member

    Moving applications to SD card is a standard function on the froyo level of the Android operating system (2.2).
  3. deyes24

    deyes24 New Member

    so are you suggesting that i should download froyo? how about the universal androot i installed, shall i unroot and uninstalled it?

    THanks. :)
  4. ecca

    ecca New Member

    Im relatively new in the android world, so I'm a bit hesitant about rooting my phone. I did upgrade to Froyo, and now i save all my apps in my sd card (quite a relief, actually).:)
  5. Ernie_C

    Ernie_C Member

    I would never root my phone. Doing so means giving up any sort of support you might expect from your provider.

    Froyo is the latest and possibly last update that will be available for the Europa.

    I waited for official froyo from my supplier before downloading.
  6. droid0099

    droid0099 New Member

    hi i've been using android since a year from now.. i have a samsung galaxy 5 (gti5503) my phone used to restart for about 4-5 times a week on its own but i did not take it seriously but now my phone does not boot at all.. if i try to boot it up it starts booting and then keeps on rebooting till i remove the battery.. plz help..
  7. bishal

    bishal New Member

    hey, i have a samsung galaxy 5 (gti5503) my phone is restarting frequently. what the problem with my phone i don't get it...
  8. rhegie06

    rhegie06 New Member

    Same problem here . I downloaded Samsung Kies , then it update my firmware . then it starts non-stop rebooting . PLEASE HELP US .
  9. medgh

    medgh New Member

    the default browser on my samsung gt i5503 has stopped working, i am not able to use it. any recommendations. ....pls

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