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Samsung galaxy 5 rooting

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  1. ramu.rocks4u

    ramu.rocks4u Member

    Hi everyone.I want to root my Samsung galaxy 5 i5500.So if anyone tested please let me know the detailed process of rooting my mobile.

  2. loop4444

    loop4444 Active Member

    i have rooted my g5 with z4root just search for it in market.
    First restart your phone after installing then just run it.
    Its only 1 click and youre rooted in about 1min :D

    Works for week now with no problems.
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  3. ramu.rocks4u

    ramu.rocks4u Member

    Thanks for the reply bro.But another small doubt.Can we unroot with this application?
  4. loop4444

    loop4444 Active Member

    i think no.but however i think you can unroot with universal root if needed.
    also,why would you want to unroot except if youre sending device for repairs :D
  5. picaso55

    picaso55 New Member

    i'm using universal root and it's working properly and u can unroot with it
  6. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    if you unroot is you warranty valid again
  7. loop4444

    loop4444 Active Member

    yes :p
  8. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    universal root does not work on froyo?
  9. pjmanalo

    pjmanalo New Member

    +1. Running Froyo/2.2 on my G5 and I'm wondering whether anybody has had experience flashing their G5 with 2.2 and then rooting it?
  10. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Well-Known Member

    What exactly does rooting do?

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