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samsung galaxy 7 plus still worthy?

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  1. flaigini

    flaigini Member

    ordered a refurb tab 7 plus since it seemed better than the tab 2 7.0 but now I wonder if I should buy a tablet with that low a resolution. I don't want a Google Nexus for the reason that I discovered gizmoslip in my tablet research and they test tablet durability by dropping them several times and seeing which survives. Of five tablet models, ipad, kindle, nexus, nook and samsung tab 2, that nexus broke the fastest and the samsung was still usable after the test. The nook came in second. I have 5 pets, stuff gets knocked over around here a lot. In this day of 1280 by 800 pixels becoming standard, is a 1024 by 600 pixel device still worth buying?

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hey there flaigini, i will move this to the General Tablet talk as it seems better there and noticed that you would probably approve of the move to a better area.

    I hope this helps and please enjoy your time here :D
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  3. flaigini

    flaigini Member

    I ordered a refurb for $220 - is the tab 7 plus still good to buy even though it is only 1024 by 600 and is year old technology? I looked at the Nexus and wasn't that impressed like everyone else seems to be. Thought about waiting on the Nook HD but would have to wait for developers to figure out how to root it. I currently have a Nook color and am tired of early android os.

    I still have the option to return the tab if I change my mind on what to get.

    I appreciate all who give some advice.
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