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  1. webgirl

    webgirl New Member

    I had that tablet for three months only. It has Froyo 2.2 installed.

    Battery was draining very fast, sometimes I had to charge it twice a day. I used it in the evenings for reading books, checking emails, sometimes watched videos on youtube and listened to the music. Maximum it was 3-4 hours a day of active use but I kept it on, just switched it to airplane mode. I always kept it in protective case, never banged or scratched it.

    Five days ago I charged it and I was wathing some video and it died right in the middle, it just went black. I tried to charge it using micro USB cable from my computer, then using original power adapter, light was on but it was not charging. It was not turning on with or without the charger plugged into it.

    I used a paper clip and did a reset. I had a situation like that before and it helped. It didn't work this time.

    I pressed and hold the power button while at the same time touching the screen. It didn't work. I connected the power cable and repeat the above steps. It didn't work.

    Since nothing works I wonder if there is anything else I can do to revive it? What can be wrong with it?

    I think there two things that can be dead, it's either a battery or a motherboard. If it's a motherboard due to some short current, then it's over.

    If it's a battery, then maybe I can replace it somehow. I don't have any Samsung service centers around. So I need to buy a battery, open it and replace it myself.

    Does somebody know where to buy a replacement battery for this thing?
    Can somebody recommend any training video that would show how to do it youself? Did somebody ever do it yourself?

    I have nothing to lose, I already lost my money for this tablet so I may as well have fun breaking it and learning what's inside.:captain:

  2. Mike21222

    Mike21222 Member

    Did you ever get your answer, I was looking for this topic because I had bought two of these a year ago for my boys, and one of them has been exhibiting short battery life. Turned out he had display turned on full 100% and not auto. Apparently this will suck the battery in about 90-120 minutes on this tablet. I set it back and it seems ok again. Anyway, was curious because I'm sure 1 day the battery will need replaced, even higher quality batteries usually have anywhere from 500-1500 charge cycles. least thats what I think I've read... :)
  3. webgirl

    webgirl New Member

    You are correct, 100% screen settings were draining the battery fast.

    When my pad went dead I came to a tablet repair shop. They had it for a week and couldn't determine the issue so they gave it back to me. I called another shop, they didn't want to deal with it.

    After that my ex looked at it and fixed it within an hour... He said the issue was that the battery "locked itself" for some reason. Battery protection mechanism locked it during the voltage spike when I was charging it or something like that to prevent the battery damage. He unlocked the battery and since than it's running like a clock.
  4. glussier

    glussier Member

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