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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Gingerbread/ICS/JellybeanGeneral

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  1. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    Hi all

    I'm thinking about buying a Galaxy Ace 2, but have heard the main disadvantage is that it operates under the gingerbread system..

    Just a couple of questions regarding this..

    1. Is it that big of a deal?

    2. I've also heard that the Jellybean update might be coming to the phone, is this true and if so how exactly would that work? I'm not an experienced Android user so wouldn't know where o start updating

    Cheers in advance for any answers


  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Hi Neilb24

    Gingerbread as an OS isn't that bad as saying running Eclair. The majority of the Android phones still run Gingerbread. IMO, Gingerbread is pretty stable. However, JellyBean is an entirely new OS that you should definitely be excited for.

    When JellyBean is available for your phone, I would think that going into settings then about phone and then system update will start the update process.

    Keep an eye out for news about JB for the Ace 2!

    Have a good one!
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  3. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    Cheers man thanks for the response!

    I've read a couple for threads on here that are saying that JB is coming to the Ace 2 sometime near the end of the year, i'll keep an eye out for any updates!

    Thanks again
  4. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    Yes, Samsung have confirmed the Ace 2 will be going straight to jelly bean and missing ICS all together.

    If you buy the Ace 2 you won't regret it. It's a fantastic phone.
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  5. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Agreed............!! :thumbup:
  6. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    Got my Ace 2 on saturday and really happy with it so far!

    Any must have apps to recommend for me? Just for general usefulness, i'm already all over the social networking and sports apps :)
  7. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Welcome & good choice!! :)
    Firstly, DO NOT let anybody tell you to add any battery monitor or task killer apps! You do NOT need these, the software manages itself perfectly.
    Just clear down the cache/data on your apps from time to time in "manage applications".
    Useful (free) apps I found are:
    Flipboard - keeps Twitter/Facebook in one place + great for news
    Ringdroid - select a part of your favourite song as your ringtone/ alert/alarm
    Zedge - ringtones/alarms/alerts/funny sounds/wallpapers etc...
    Sky News
    Amazon Kindle or Moon+ Reader - great for free books
    not an app but TVCatchup - Never Miss A Show Again - freeview TV on your phone via wifi
    Shazam and/or Soundhound - recognises that song/artist you can't remember on the radio/TV etc...
    gtunes music downloader - free music from UK chart/i-tunes chart etc...
    cover art downloader - add cover art to all your music
    Angry Birds/ Paper Toss/Slots Royale - timepassers on the tube!

    that's all I can think of at the moment, hope it helps!! ;)

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  8. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    If you listen to music I highly recommend buying Player Pro. It's a fantastic music/video player that really makes your music sound a lot better than the stock one.

    Can knockdown 2 is really fun and Flick golf is awesome
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  9. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Active Member

    Cheers guys for the suggestions!

    Would you recommend buying an SD card to store Apps or is there enough storage on the phone itself?

    I'm reading there can be issues downloading/switching storage from phone to SD?
  10. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    I have got a 16GB SD card and it stores Apps fine. It is a lot better than using the memory on your phone providing the App lets you move it to the SD card.

    Go to manage Apps in the settings menu. There it will tell you if you can move the app to your external SD card. Some allow you to move them and some don't.
  11. sarbland

    sarbland New Member

    Are you sure your applications are being moved to external SD?
  12. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

    Yes, an SD card is highly recommended for large games. The Bard Tales' game data for instance (1.7 or 3.5 Gb in size) can be installed to an external SD card in order to save space on your internal memory so in cases like that an SD card comes in handy. (Not all games give you the option to install game data directly to your SD card however so moving as much as possible to the SD card will free up space for games that only install and download data to internal memory). Also, if you've got a large MP3 collection you might find it useful to put your music files on an SD card instead.

    This method will only move the game from /root to /home (both localised in internal memory) as far as I've experienced. What Samsung calls SD card is just another partition of the internal memory meaning an external memory card will not be utilized using the above method, unfortunately.

    A way of freeing up space is to move folders from Android/Data to External SD card/Android/Data. You can do this by opening the pre-installed "My Files" app. It's not everything that can be moved though and you'll most likely lose any game saves if you move the apps after you've begun playing the games in question. Hence, I always move a new game folder from Android/Data to External/Android/Data (when possible) BEFORE I begin playing said game. No problems so far.

    Anyway, this method will not work on Jelly Bean (I've read somewhere) so perhaps Gingerbread isn't such a bad version after all - not sure I'm willing to sacrifice this ability to move apps from internal to external memory myself over a pretty-looking Jelly Bean interface if it's less functional. We'll see. :)
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