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  1. Beccajane01

    Beccajane01 New Member

    Hi, I am new to the site and new to samsungs,

    I have had my Galaxy Ace 2 a few months now and am generally happy with it :)

    I have it set up for automatic updates, and just recently over the past couple weeks when doing the 'check for updates' it prompts that there is a software update available. I accept the download for it and it says 'downloading update package'.

    Once it has completed the download the phone flashes up a large pop up titled Software Update and asks to install the update. I press install and then it flashes up saying 'device will be rebooted'.

    Upon pressing ok, the phone switches off and reboots, turning back on with a screen appearing to be installing the update....

    Now here is where the problem is..

    Once it gets a certain point in the installation, it comes up with 'E-signature verification failed' and then aborts the installation and then the phone reboots as normal, and nothing has changed...

    Any idea what this software update is for and why it keeps failing?

    I have also tried doing the update through Kies Air, and through the pc software. This is really frustrating now!!



  2. Beccajane01

    Beccajane01 New Member

    Someone must know the answer!

    Help will be much appreciated! :/
  3. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

    I'll send you a few links. Check your private messages.
  4. remarito

    remarito New Member

    sir can you also send me the links? :) much appreciated :) thanks
  5. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

  6. austin303

    austin303 New Member

    Hi I am havein the same problem is there any1 whos can help please
  7. Aerofly

    Aerofly Member

    Switched on my phone this morning only to be told there was an update available and should I install it or leave it for later I decided to let it update, after about 10 minutes of differant messages popping up it notified me that the softare was succesful and needed a reboot which I let it do, when it had finished I went to about phone only to find I was still on Gingerbread 2.3.6. and no sign of the Jellybean which everyone has been raving about
  8. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    these regular updates are just minor bug fixes etc...
    JB is a while away yet for our phone, depending on which carrier you are with!
    It will be released to carriers sometime in Q1 2013, then the carriers will take weeks/months testing it's stability before rolling it out.
    Unofficial versions are already available if you want to go down that risky route.
    From what I've heard about JB, it is no big deal anyway...........:rolleyes:
  9. FireBlood

    FireBlood New Member

    I have the same problem i am getting headache and i dont know what i need to make help me too plz
  10. harybg1

    harybg1 New Member

    My galaxy ace 2 is with gingerbread 2.3.6 .Is there any way i can install adobe flash player on it ? when i go to adobe website from my device it says that its not supported and cant install from there.Please help me:(
  11. Jason71

    Jason71 Well-Known Member

    I have never used it on an Ace2 ( just visiting this forum becasue I bought one for my daughter for Christmas) but it almost certainly will work on your device
    Flash was never downloadable from the adobe website for an android device. you had to get it from the Playstore. however Adobe recently discontinued support for flash so it is no longer available there either.
    Officially you cannot get it at all. Unofficially there are many many copies available. if you Google "Adobe Flash apk" you will find copies to download and install. I don't think this advice constitutes piracy since it was free anyway when available. However the usual risks exist of installing any file down loaded from the internet. I am going to assume you know how to manually install apks. If not then just google "sideload Apk" and you will find instructions. Its very easy.
  12. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    could u pm me on how to do it please
  13. scottbunt

    scottbunt Member

    I have the same problem if anyone can help me please
  14. gavanid

    gavanid Member

    Find the updated (GT-I8160XXLK7)
    Flash with odin 1.85 on pc or laptop
    Enter odin mode:-
    Power off then-Volume down+Home+Power

    Then Volume up to enter

    Run odin then plug phone in and wait for com: to appear yellow

    click PDA and find xxlk7.tar.md5

    hit start & wait til phone reboots
    then unplug it
    Don't be tempted soon as you get the green light

    best of look
  15. toto waskito

    toto waskito New Member

    Can you send the link as well.. Tks
  16. petar petrov

    petar petrov Member

  17. vestour

    vestour New Member

  18. LouiseDunn

    LouiseDunn New Member

    I am having exactly the same problem and am such a nonse with technology and really have no idea where to go from here! Please help! Many thanks in advance!
  19. dave ftfc

    dave ftfc Member

    could you send me the links for by passing the e signature please ..

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