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  1. abhishekbafna

    abhishekbafna New Member

    Hi Folks,

    Seems battery is draining pretty faster.. is there an solution for this??
    I have disabled wifi, gps, and gprs when not needed but seems battery is draining faster.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  2. ottaviolucifer

    ottaviolucifer New Member

    i've the same problem.. so i want to buy another battery when it's available! unfortunately i did not find a good solution for this
  3. ash1992k8

    ash1992k8 New Member

    I have tried the only thing i found that helps is your display picture make sure its a dark colour bright colours use a lot of battery
  4. sh4rk

    sh4rk New Member


    Can you please give some numbers to your words of "battery drains fast" =)
    On the specification it says battery lasts for 640 hours or sth - that's a lot and not possible, so I'm hoping for some feedback from the people using the device.

    For example:
    1) how long does it lasts with wlan on/off
    2) or just examples from your normal usage - what are you doing and how long the battery lasts in that scenario(s)

    I'm thinking of buying it & battery life + build quality are very important things to know (I'm ok with the features that it has; don't think anything is missing for the usage I'd require).

    Thanks in advance!
  5. saurabh79

    saurabh79 Member

    There are few things I did for this:
    a) I had taken 3 g service from airel, as 3g service is not stable, it was always trying to search for the network and switch between gprs and 3g it was draining the battery. So I diabled the data pack for some time and use it when needed.
    b) Shut down apps which were running in the background like facebook, maps etc.

    but overall dont think we can do much about it as 1350 mh battery is not enough for. I have another lg optimus one, which has an 1500 mh battery.. that lasts longer.. with simimlar usage.
  6. rajgandhi_2008

    rajgandhi_2008 New Member

    keep static wallpapers as far as possible instead of d live one's n also try keeping the light timeout to 15secs...
  7. bishnuprasad14

    bishnuprasad14 Well-Known Member

    use advance task killer...and kill all ur application after every helps to use less resource and keep all synch options manual(do whenever needed)...use gprs and wifi when required...
  8. Swift-R

    Swift-R New Member

    I was going to purchase this phone and now I have some doubts about it since I saw this topic. Can anyone post more information on the battery? If it lasts for 1 or 2 days, how much do you use it, 3G/GPRS enabled or disabled, phone rooted or not (if it makes a difference) and how does it compare to others like Galaxy Mini.
  9. sh4rk

    sh4rk New Member

    C'mon guys - I guess quite a few of you here already have Samsung Galaxy Ace, right?
    Most are complaining about how bad is the battery, how it drains so quickly, right?

    But why has no one wrote any NUMBERS and the features, programs used during that time?

    You can be saying that the battery is bad - of course is not as good as non-smart phones with smaller (maybe even black&white) screens.
    It's obvious that you can't expect to go 1 week without charging.

    For some (e.g., me) it's enough if it lasts 2 days.

    2 days are actually perfect if I'd have WiFi on during the day (only use it for checking g-mail and maybe a couple of min for web-surfing), use camera for 5 photos, and 1h/day of calls.

    That's suitable for me; I don't plan to play games for hours on the phone.
    If I use GPS, I use it in my car & charge the phone all the time anyway.
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  10. dudas

    dudas New Member


    Well, I have my ACE since 3 days now. I had to charge it twice since than.
    It was clear for me right from the beginning that by this kind of phones charging will be more usual in the everydays.

    I guess, when it will becomes ordinary (this my first touchscreen phone) it will definietly keep longer to get the battery empty.

    Right now I
  11. goverdhan_ece

    goverdhan_ece New Member

    Hey Guys, I am using Samsung Galaxy ace from last 1 month & i am happy with it's battery. It lasts for 2 days. My usage is 10 -15 calls a day, 2Hrs of Music, 2 Hrs of Wi-Fi. Initially i had problems with battery, so i have done couple changes to the phone like below.

    1) Disable GPRS / 3G immdiately ( Other wise it will try to sync the data & if you dont subscribe for any GPRS, so service provider will charge.)
    2) Kill un - used services in Task Manager
    3) Brightness to zero
    4) Black wall paper... ( No live wall papers)
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  12. aceuser

    aceuser Well-Known Member

    well i guess this is more do able than anything else i agree u in terms of suggestions
  13. sh4rk

    sh4rk New Member

    This post is not about Galaxy Ace battery, but I just want to give you an idea about the battery in smartphones in general ...

    I have HTC Desire (Li-Ion 1400 mAh) and usually it lasts for about 1,5-2 days.

    For that, usage is following:
    • Wi-Fi = all the time ON
    • gmail + web browsing = mostly receiving and sending emails; checking webpages not too much ... that probably takes about 2 hours / day
    • gaming = 1 h / day
    • calls = 30 min / day (all on 2g network; never have 3g turned on)

    Then I did a lil test ... checking what could be the battery life with minimal use of the HTC Desire:

    -> I got 90 hours (3 days and 3/4)
    During that time I was using the phone:
    • Calls = a bit more than 30 min (in total!)
    • Wi-Fi = 3,5 h (in total!); out of that mostly mailing + also some short-period web surfing
    • Gaming = a bit more than 30 min (in total!)

    Basically the "test" I did was to check how much battery life I get when using my smartphone as an "old non-smartphone" (not using any of the newest features).
    If I decide to buy Galaxy Ace, it wouldn't be for me, but for a not demanding user (who would still need to use some of the smartphone's features from time to time; e.g., mailing, web, gps).
    So if in "minimal use" scenario smartphones lasts for 3 days = good enough for me =)
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  14. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Well-Known Member

    Is it just me or the battery at the back heats up a little when excessive sending of Sms is used.
  15. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    If u use ur phone excessively then its no doubt that u drain ur battery...
  16. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Well-Known Member

    Is this normal? I can't see paid applications in market using wifi.
  17. vgama

    vgama Member

  18. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Well-Known Member

    i don't actually know what happened but i think the longer i used my ace, the more it became better. yesterday i was using wifi for about 3 - 4 hours. exploring the market, looking for new apps and games and installing them. my battery went down for about 40%. basing from the battery icon at the top right. earlier, i used wifi with the same number of hours and the same actions but with downloading and installing the database to my dictionary and it only went down for i think 10% or 15%.

    i don't know what made my ace become better especially in my battery and in the performance.

    1. was it probably it was because everytime i charge it was off?

    2. was it probably, i charge it first off, then after charge turned it on, used it a little after 10% - 15% battery went down, charged it again until finished charging. what do you call this again? continuous charging?

    3. was it probably the juice defender that helped me out?
  19. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Well-Known Member

    guys! one more thing. when you charge your phone, does it signify that it is full charge? does it tell you that it is full? or you just see the battery icon being full, then that's full for you?
  20. vgama

    vgama Member

    It tells you that is full
  21. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Well-Known Member

    really? it tells you that its full? how come mine doesn't tell me? all i see is 100% in battery life widget. doesn't tell me it's full. it says in the lock screen charging. should i wait for it to say battery full?
  22. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy Ace Pc connectivity
    Guys, can you help me with this? Please! I haven't plugged my phone on my pc yet. How and what to do.

    1. plug Galaxy Ace to pc using usb chord.

    2. now what?

    3. will it prompt which to use? as mass storage or use kies?

    4. or will it automatically run kies and look for its drivers then have the interface of kies?

    5. did you turned on the usb debugging thingy? don't know what it is.
  23. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    i recommend using juice defender, you can find it on android market
    just use it on the "default" profile, it really saves you a lot of battery
    it shows you how much it has increased the battery life,
    for me it's usually 1.6 to 2.0 times the regular battery life.

    also use battery indicator to show your battery percentage

    i find these two apps really useful! :D
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  24. vgama

    vgama Member

    I'm pretty sure that there's a message when the battery charging is complete.

    About the Juice defender, does it affect the performance of the phone?
  25. mytorrent

    mytorrent New Member

    Not to worry now. Just google batterystat.bin solution. My HP after delete this batterystat.bin. It can last 5 hour browsing.

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