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Samsung galaxy ace camera touch screen not workingSupport

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  1. loai.ghoraba

    loai.ghoraba New Member

    Hi all

    I had my Samsung galaxy ace mobile working fine for about 2 months, just yesterday it happened that the camera screen won't sense any touch at all, hence not responding to anything so I cannot take any picture.., even not responding to the "back" arrow or anything at all...I have to press the middle button to return to the home page..however the touch screen is working fine in all other applications- just when I run the camera app the touch screen will act dead..

    any help ?

  2. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    do you nave an sd card installed? and sometimes if you have a low battery the phone wont let you use the camera, this shouldnt be the reason thou as it wouldnt show the cam screen.

    you have rebooted and tried again right?
  3. loai.ghoraba

    loai.ghoraba New Member

    yes I have sd card installed, and the battery is full...and ofc I have rebooted multiple times :D...but again it seems a software/hardware bug ! because the touch screen won't respond at all....
  4. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member

    do u see any "lock" icon on your screen ?
    if (true){
    press power button to lock/unlock camera
    keep googling
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  5. loai.ghoraba

    loai.ghoraba New Member

    man you are genius :D thanks it worked =)
  6. xfifteen

    xfifteen Member

    Yeah I had this often :D haha, I don't know why that's actually possible... :)
  7. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    i just did this too..... im soo dumbass i knew about it too....it just didnt click in me head.
  8. vodaclare

    vodaclare New Member

    help im having this problem too except the power on/off os not doing anything
  9. cytix

    cytix New Member

    Grrr. i had to reset my phone twice...:mad:... thanks a ton:p
  10. coukie

    coukie New Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.... 2 days rebooting my phone & generally going mad over this...

    I'm so thick!!!

    Thanks again for asking & answering!!!
  11. kidguy26

    kidguy26 New Member

    Man you saved my nick :D , Thanks a bunch ;)
  12. shoehorn13

    shoehorn13 New Member

    Oh my god I was about to reset the phone... what is the point in that little lock? Thank you for answering this, glad I googled!:D
  13. hyphen32nz

    hyphen32nz New Member

    I just had the same problem. Thanks to all those who posted on here with the solution.
  14. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    the lock is so if your recording a video then click pause recording then lockscreen put phone in pocket and resume later
  15. MarcusAntonius

    MarcusAntonius New Member

    Awesome! Thank you! I woke up to the same problem this morning, and almost skipped a beat thinking my phone got screwy... :)
  16. dcsamsung

    dcsamsung New Member

    thanks that really helped :)
  17. Imran_0508

    Imran_0508 New Member

    I was having the same problem with my Galaxy GIO.......it fixed the problem.......thanx
  18. jamilhisham

    jamilhisham Member

    other than snap button at screen can we use other button to snap picture?
  19. HUGGS28

    HUGGS28 New Member


    I have pressed my power button but their is not option to lock/unloack the camera function. I have a lock on my camer & its driving me mad. PLEASE HELP dunno if im being thick or not. I have tried pressing the power button while the camera is open & alos on my home screen :( :mad:
  20. MatDey

    MatDey New Member

    I registered just to say thanks. This has happened to my wife's galaxy ace a few times and had always managed to unlock it somehow. I was ready to bin it with frustration. :p
  21. Fratra

    Fratra New Member

    I'm so happy i got d solution to my camera phone here.I really appreaciate u a lot.Thank u soooo much.. At 1st I thought it's been damaged but thanks to goodness i googled it nd I found d solution with u.Once again Thanks a lot!!!!
    damewolf13 likes this.
  22. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome, Fratra, to Android Forums!
    Glad you found the solution here.:)
  23. na_cho42

    na_cho42 New Member

    I bust my mind to figure out how to fix this very same problem for two days only to find such a simple answer..... ain't right :)
  24. Cuzjuan

    Cuzjuan New Member

    also what if I have modded cyanogen mid 9 which up graded me to android 4.0.4 the camera app is built in and can't be removed to top it all off doesn't which is why I need a new phone app and seem to come across same problem, a black screen which causes the camera not to function and or crash with no access or function to camera preview art all
  25. kisuka

    kisuka New Member

    hey guys i need ur helps i'm having problems recording videos and sounds everytime i click on the record button nothing happens i tried to install another app sound recorder from the market but it doesn't record either what should i do ?
    thanks a lot

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