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  1. nvel

    nvel New Member

    Hello everyone from a new starter - I am desparate to find out info about my new GalaxyAce GT-S5839i. Love it, but some things worry me. The manual says GT-S5830 - what is the difference? Also, my phone model is not a 'supported device' in Google Play and is 'incompatible' when trying to download Adobe Flash Player which apparently has been re-released on Google Play for a short time only. I missed the 15 August deadline so now I am stuck. My phone contract is for 24 months and I am otherwise quite happy - main use is portable hotspot for my laptop. I am concerned that Google Play do not consider it a 'supported device' Any one got any thoughts?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Flash player is incompatible with all ACE versions.
    have you tried downloading any other app besides flash player?

    Your device has a Broadcom bcm21553 chipset, just like S5830i and similar to Galaxy Y. And this makes it a whole lot different from any other ACE variants.
    Because of this, you cannot use any custom rom or any mods built for the ACE variants. This chipset does not provide a dedicated gpu for the device, instead the cpu itself is built to accomodate graphical calculations, hence the increased 832mhz cpu speed compared to original ACE. Also this might cause some graphical problems while using high graphics consuming apps.
    Also this makes Android 4.0 versions extremely difficult to be made for this device.
    In short, all the development for original ACE is useless for you.
    Development has started for your device recently on xda, there are a couple custom roms and mods available too, check it out.
  3. nvel

    nvel New Member

    Thanks for that, but I don't really understand nost of what you said. What is xda? and how do I 'check it out'? I think I might be out of my depth with this forum, but it's nice to get feedback of any description.
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - xda-developers

    The basic difference is that your device has a different cpu than the original ace. It also has a weaker GPU, hence some apps might have graphical problems. Your device's hardware is similar to Galaxy Y's hardware instead of ACE.
    Adobe flash player was never officially compatible with ACE. It doesn't even work well with this phone.

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