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  1. Leliana

    Leliana Member

    Hello, I was considering buying the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and I was just wondering if it also had an alphanumeric keypad?

    And if so, does anyone know how to access it and make it the main mode for texting?

    Many thanks!

  2. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member

    It has two keyboards: swype and samsung keypad.

    This is samsung keypad:



    BTW what do you mean by alphanumeric?

    Its nice and you can type fast.
  3. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    I also like the Samsung keyboard. By ticking the "123"key on the keyboard (like shown in the image above) you get into the alphanumeric keyboard (with only numbers, like on a pc). Or else you can approach the numbers using the SHIFT key.
    But I wonder how you want to text only using the alphanumeric keyboard.
  4. Leliana

    Leliana Member

    Hello, thank you for your reply,

    Alphanumeric is the keypad where you have about nine keys, and on each one, it goes 1 = "ABC", 2 = "DEF", etc...

    Here is an example of what I mean:

    I think the Samsung keypad is cool, but I'm awful at qwerty typing! I was just wondering if there was an alphanumeric option on the Ace, just in case :)

    oh and I wanted the alphanumeric keypad to access both the letters and numbers for the text :)
  5. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Hi Leliana,
    I didn't understand you correctly the first time. Unfortunately the Ace doesn't have that keyboard. Maybe such a keypad is available in the Play Store (former Android Market).
  6. Leliana

    Leliana Member

    Ah, I see, that's ok :)

    I've had a look on the Play website, but they don't appear to have any :(

    Are there any android phones out there, to your knowledge, with such a keypad...?

    Many thanks again!
  7. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, I hope not!!! this is the 21st Century, if you want that keyboard get an old Nokia from the 90's, LOL!! ;) I was the same, but after using this keyboard on a touchscreen phone I could NEVER go back to the dark ages!! LOL! Try it, you'll love it. Graham :)
  8. Rihana74

    Rihana74 New Member


    Can anyone let me know if the Samsung Galaxy Ace's keyboard has haptic feedback (vibrating keystrokes) when using the keyboard for texting or emailing?
  9. swaroop_p1988

    swaroop_p1988 Well-Known Member

    alphanumeric keypad is there with built in samsung keyboard. select samsung keypad, setting, portrait keypad types and select the 3*4 keypad and u r done.. u ll get a keypad which is alphanumeric..
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  10. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    To swaroop_p1988,
    I think that's exactly what Leliana means. Nice to see someone has the solution (although I prefer swyping).
  11. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Yes, nice one swaroop, that should make Leliana smile. As they say - "you learn something every day". I would never use it, but nice to know it's there! Is there anything our little Ace can't do....??? :D Graham.
  12. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member

    Just in case you wanted a screenshot.


    I knew how to get this keyboard but I didn't understand completely what is meant by alphanumeric. BTW this is pretty tough to use and I'd rather prefer Swype, But I think if you are comfortable with this keyboard then you will have no problem.
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  13. swaroop_p1988

    swaroop_p1988 Well-Known Member

    swype makes texting ease.. me too use swype mostly or samsung qwerty keypad if i get bored of swype :p
  14. linkzzz

    linkzzz Member

    hmm about the Letter A, Q, Z, and W.. it change position
  15. LesBird

    LesBird New Member

    Hi there -
    You can set the text keyboard to alphanumeric by selecting your contact and going in to start composing a msg. When you 'tap to compose' hit the little flower symbol at bottom right of screen (between . and next) then go into 'portrait keypad types'. Select 3x4 keypad. This will give you the 'old style' keypad buttons. Hope this helps.
  16. cgwm00

    cgwm00 New Member

    I knew how to get this keyboard but I didn't understand completely what is meant by alphanumeric. BTW this is pretty tough to use and I'd rather prefer Swype, But I think if you are comfortable with this keyboard then you will have no problem.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks a lot. My mom and I just bought this phone and I was worried it would be difficult for her to use QWERTY. Glad to hear they have the old school keypad. I remember being able to type fast without looking during class using Nokia Phones.
  17. oldchick70

    oldchick70 Active Member

    Yes, indeedy!
    I have arthritic fingers and cannot touch those tiny keys..
  18. Witty67

    Witty67 New Member

    Hi, it does have the keypad you are looking for. If you go into settings, locale and text, samsung keypad, portrait key types, 3 x 4 keypad.

    This is the alphanumeric keypad as opposed to the qwerty keypad.

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