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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Bluetooth Problems CD70Support

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  1. Chefmarcus

    Chefmarcus New Member

    I would be interested to know if anyone has had Bluetooth pairing/connection problems with Samsung GT S 7500 (galaxy ace plus) and the Vauxhall/Opel, CD70, UHP?
    There appears to be a swell of opinion on the internet that the Installed software on the CD70 is the problem due to compatibility. I have also read that the way the phone syncs is also a key issue.
    An outline of my problem is that the phone pairs with the UHP for about 10 seconds showing the name of the carrier then shows the device name then finally disconnecting. This is continuous connects and then disconnects.
    If I factory reset the phone then the problem is resolved phone works fine and displays the phonebook, call list, and the steering wheel controls work as expected however this only last a couple of hours and the problems as described return.
    I would appreciate your thoughts and advice on how I can resolve the problem

    Regards Marcus

  2. KrDKrD

    KrDKrD New Member

    I bought also a GT-S7500 in June of this year, and tried to use it with my Merceded C180. The phone paired with the car but it interrupt every 1.5 minutes. I have send the phone back to samsung, to check but everything was ok. I contacted mercedes but they couldn't help me eather. So I'm still looking for a solution and would be interested if you have found a solution or workaround
  3. cyclemum

    cyclemum New Member

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy ace and cannot properly use the bluetooth in my Renault Laguna, the car connects with lots of other phones and works fine but not the galaxy ace. The phone appears to be connected but I can't dial through the car, only though the phone then it sometimes connects through the car and speakers. I've tried software updates.... no better please can anyone help?

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