Samsung Galaxy Ace

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  1. GoodCat

    GoodCat New Member

    I have just bought a second hand phone
    It is the same as the one I already have but just discovered no little chip in the side
    Cant get 3G symbol to appear
    Mu movistar service is internet and calls & I have put my existing sim card into the 'new' phone
    I am in Spain
    any advice?
    Service is Movistar & all is working fine on calls but cant get online

  2. Is it Samsung Galaxy Ace 1 or 2...

    Try to visit this site Galaxy Family Site and hope your problem have a answer.
  3. GoodCat

    GoodCat New Member

    I have the back off it says GT S5830
    I clicked on the above link to Galaxy family but its just pictures
  4. GoodCat

    GoodCat New Member

    done it needed apn settings

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