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  1. lartey_rebecca

    lartey_rebecca New Member

    I have the Samsung galaxy admire with Metro Pcs. During calls my screen will time out and lock preventing me from hanging up, using my dial pad, etc. when I press the lock key it doesn't come back so I have to wait for the other person to hang up. It doesn't do this to every call though, just majority. How can I fix it?

  2. lonzo438

    lonzo438 Member

    settings->> accessibility->>check the box that says power button ends call.
  3. Mrl81

    Mrl81 Member

    i'm getting the same issue ive had the phone for less than 3wks. what gives? any answers yet? someone plz help. thanks in advance. is accessibility that doesnt work it's been checked since i unboxed the phone

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