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  1. xxx313030

    xxx313030 New Member

    hi everybody,
    I recently bought a samsung galaxy i5801 smartphone and on the first day I encountered a strange problem.

    First, I charged the battery completely. Then by the end of the day, the battery charge fell upto 60% and then suddenly when i checked back, it showed me a battery charge of 15% only. so i put it for charging and guess what, the battery charged popped to 60% instantly.

    This has happened for 2-3 times now. Hence, if anyone is facing the same problem, please post the problem and the possible solution so that we can try to overcome this glitch.

  2. mohankarthik

    mohankarthik New Member

    Yes! I am having the EXACT same problem. Restarting the phone also puts the charge to 60%. Its super irritating. Because if you let it continue, then the phone switches off after it reaches 0. Is this a problem with the firmware or with the battery?

    Can someone help us out please?
  3. sumitqa

    sumitqa New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Anyone facing issue with Battery with Samsung 3 / I5801
    Here is the solution, i got from Samsung Helpline....

    1. Let your phone drain out whole of battery (try using it till it switch off automatically)
    2. Put it on charging for 8-9 hours, be it in OFF mode only. (you can do this in night)
    3. Remove the charger after it, and Power it ON...

    Let me know your feedbacks...

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  4. sueh

    sueh New Member

    Hi there

    Can anyone tell me how to turn off my 3G, from what I am reading on this forum, that seems to be one of the reasons for the battery draining so fast. So far love the phone but very dissapointed with the battery life. Im a lady in her 5Os, dont really class myself as a gaget girl but dont do to bad. Thanks
  5. mohankarthik

    mohankarthik New Member

    @Sumitqa: I tried that and it did not work. I gave my phone for service and they replied saying that there is a problem with the battery and are in the process of replacing it. So maybe some builds have issues and you can maybe get it replaced if the calibration dosent solve the issue.
  6. xxx313030

    xxx313030 New Member

    hey everybody,

    I use quick settings app to disable mobile data connection and this has led to significant increase in the battery life.

    Mobile data connection:
    Enabled: Battery life is around 16 hrs.
    Disabled: Battery life is around 26-27 hrs.

    Can the Samsung Galaxy i5801 users post their battery life?

    @mohankarthik: I was also thinking of visiting samsung service station but before i do so, can you please post your battery life for the faulty battery?
  7. mohankarthik

    mohankarthik New Member

    @XXX313030: I had about 12 - 15 hours with disabling every app and using just for about 20 - 30 min voice calls, and making sure my mobile was in sleep mode for most of the time. If I ended up using a high profile app like adobe reader, wifi, video player and so on, then it drastically reduced. At full usage (I was continously listening to music, and reading a pdf document), i got 5 hours.
  8. rex4uall

    rex4uall Member

    Settings > Wireless and Network settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > GSM only. (UMTS/HSDPA is 3G).
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  9. go4saket

    go4saket Member

    Another reason of the battery draining out so soon is because the installed apps keep trying to connect to the net, either via Wifi, 3G or Edge. Try disabling these softwares and dont forget to disable your Wifi, 3G, Edge & Bluetooth when not required.
  10. @mohankarthik
    Did replacing the battery solve the problem???Or is it a firmware issue?
  11. kevinlane

    kevinlane New Member

    I am facing the same problem, Anyone got to the solution?
  12. xxx313030

    xxx313030 New Member

    Hey everybody
    In my previous post, I had stated that I got battery life of around 26-27 hrs.
    Since then i have rooted my phone and i am using auto killer memory optimizer and trust me I have started getting a battery life of 52 hrs.

    I know it would be hard to grasp but i have tested it 2 times and it does give around 52 hrs. It is baffling that first it started with 16-17 hrs, then went upto 26-27 hrs and now upto 52 hrs.

    I guess the battery life depends on the number of apps running and efficiently killing such apps.

    Hope it stays the same way.

    Share your such experiences.
  13. Galaxy3-I5801

    Galaxy3-I5801 New Member

    Hi all,
    I am also facing the same shows around 60% charge and then suddenly give a prompt of weak battery...well just for that matter i have started charging daily..i got no other solution..

    Well, i am facing one other call drops automatically...i guess my edge starts transmitting or receiving does anybody knows how to switch of gprs specifically..and is anybody's push mail working with gprs?? mine is working with wifi only..didnt check with 3g...
  14. Hey guys
    My battery also drops from 50% to 15% or 5% directly especially if i make or recieve a call when my battery level is at 50%.Is this a problem with the battery or is it a firmware issue?
    Please let me know as fast as possible and is there anyone who is not facing any such problem with the battery?
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  15. whofan

    whofan Member

    The sudden drops are probably because of a crap battery driver in the firmware, it doesn't take measurements often enough. Pretty much nothing to do here but beg samsung for an update.
  16. Hey friends

    I think we all should send emails and contact Samsung and let them know about the battery problem and the GPS problem we all are facing so that they release a firmware upgrade for Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 as soon as possible and rectify the problem.That's the only solution at the moment.I am definitely sending a mail to Samsung and hope others also do the same.
  17. yozenbalki

    yozenbalki Member

    I recently bought a Samsung i5801 Apollo on 7th October 2010 (352337041056318). The performance and speed is great. When browsing the pages it runs like anything amazing:). The camera output is not pleasing. OK let me come to the main point. Right from the first day, i felt like the battery is not withstanding as it should be. I thought, as i am a curious new-buyer and searching every applications incessantly the battery is getting drained:mad:. At last yesterday, i downloaded from 'android market' the 'battery monitor' and 'battery booster' to check my battery performance. I switched off everything working inside, like, wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, vibration etc.( only doubt is, i recently downloaded the 'Advanced Task killer' from android market and it should have been running inside) Night, at about 11 pm i went to sleep, and i consciously checked my battery level too and found it was 60%. Alas! in the morning at 6 'o' clock when i wake up, i found my mobile was switched off automatically. I do not know why! I put it in the charger and found shockingly it was only Zero percent :mad: !!! I was totally disappointed and getting fear as to how can i rely upon this mobile at least from morning to evening. Every time i can not take the charger along with me for a short half day 12 hours trip too. Just kindly help me what i should do and should not. :eek:
  18. yozenbalki

    yozenbalki Member

    I have sent the same mail to Samsung company as you said, about the battery problem. The quick link to samsung customer care is Untitled Document
    Members facing the same problem shall sent mail to Samsung please!
  19. yozenbalki

    yozenbalki Member

    Mine is working in gprs without wi-fi support. Only thing is Battery drains so fastly and disappointing. To switch off gps just swipe your finger from Samsung to heart-shaped switch. Then, a metal grey colour screen will open. You can see wi-fi, bluetooth, gps, and vibration icons in 4 numbers. You can switch on-off there. Its easy to check and activate/deactivate every time.
  20. yozenbalki

    yozenbalki Member

    Dear xxx313030

    1. "using auto killer memory optimizer"...what is that and where from i should download it?
    2."I guess the battery life depends on the number of apps running and efficiently killing such apps", please tell me what all the apps can be useful to keep/delete?
  21. kvp

    kvp New Member

    This tip really helped me with my phone thanks
  22. xxx313030

    xxx313030 New Member

    1) Auto killer memory optimizer is just like any other task killer but its more advanced.

    you can find the app at:

    AutoKiller Memory Optimizer - Android app on AppBrain

    2) auto killer mem optimizer automatically kills the apps which have higher oom value. Just check out their official site. they have explained it perfectly.
  23. Hey guys
    Please let me know that is everyone having problem with the battery(directly dropping from 60% to 15%) or is it a problem with only some handsets.Is this a firmware issue or hardware issue?Please reply fast.Thanks in advance.
  24. barkingmad

    barkingmad New Member

    Three main things to stop battery draining

    1 - Advanced Task Killer (or another similar app, downloadable from Market for free)

    2 - turn off 3G, 2G is perfectly fine, and wont be searching consistently for signals

    3 - turn off GPS and Wireless

    My phone now lasts at least 2 days, with high use:p
  25. barkingmad

    barkingmad New Member

    ps - yes mine goes actually from 40% to 15%.... as soon as it is on 40, I charge it

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