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  1. Ruxa90

    Ruxa90 Member

    Hi, i just bought samsung galagxy gio and its battery life seems to be the most utter crap iv ever seen.

    The battery drains completely in 1 day AND im not even doing anything with it. How is that possible? We bought 2 phones and battery in both phones drains in 1 day.

    There is no way that is normal, right?

    Anybody else experiencing something like this or do you guys have any solutions to my "little" problem.

    Edit: I posted this to two different places, because "samsung galaxy gio" forum section does not seem to have much traffic.

  2. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem with my Xperia Play.
    To be honest my iPhone 3GS discharges in one day with regular use. It would last 2 days if I didn't use it. I love the phone though. But I’m keeping my 3GS on standby just in case.
  3. keithnmikkii

    keithnmikkii Member

    I have yet to pick up my Gio, but i would like to ask you about your use patterns, how much texting do you do in one day, internet usage, 3G? Those are the big factors for battery life, monitor your running tasks to see what is eating your battery life. Talk time and standby time will vary depending usage.
  4. Ruxa90

    Ruxa90 Member

    Well the thing is, i did not use 3g, wlan, bluetooth, did not do anything else than sent 4 messages. No programs were running (checked in the task manager).

    Im just baffled. No idea whats going on. Im just going to keep recharging it and see if it goes any better. If not, im going to send it to maintance.
  5. keithnmikkii

    keithnmikkii Member

    Try to make sure it is a complete charge b/f samsung wastes your time. Run it all the way down, till it threatens to shut down, then shut it off, then let it charge in the off position for 24 hours, if you can afford too, overnight should be sufficient. Then turn it on and use as normal, note any difference, then call customer service.
  6. Haisook

    Haisook Member

    My Gio has a similar battery life. I think this is the case with most current smartphones. Gotta live with it I guess :(
  7. shahg251

    shahg251 New Member

    i need to know is there any app or procedure to increase battery life?
    any background app running or something thats eating the battery??
  8. eyecbeer

    eyecbeer New Member

    I love the phone. Simplicity is good BUT...... I am having same issue the battery life is shocking and am a unhappy customer

    I want to know how a device smaller than a i-phone with a battery that seems to be similar, can be so FN quick to go flat?
    Less than one day, Ran FB for 15 minutes and smsed about 6 times and when i finished a 8 hour shift at work it was flat :|
  9. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    After a full charge, use the phone for few hours and then goto

    Settings-->About Phone--->Battery Use

    Check what is consuming the battery most.

    There are certain system apps which keeps working in background. For example. Latitude keeps updating your location, if Sync is enabled, it keeps checking for gmail and syncing your contacts etc.

    Also check Settings-->Wirelss and network --->Mobile Network--->Network Mode

    It should be in GSM only and not GSM/WCDMA (auto mode)
  10. boule3

    boule3 Member

    sorry for my english
    When i've bought Samsung GIO battery was around 36-48h , i've rooted it and installed setcpu and configurate it to decrease CPU speed from 800Mhz to 122Mhz when screen is off, and 400Mhz when on, and now i'm around 4 days with moderate use and 3 days in normal use
    400Mhz is enouth for normal use, juste increase it for big games
  11. hadi18

    hadi18 New Member

    How we can root the mobile?
    what is setcpu?
    how configure setcpu?

    Please help us with more description about the above terms that you used.
    thanks a lot for your kindless regards.
  12. boule3

    boule3 Member

    sorry my links will be in french, to root i've made this : [Tutoriel] Root - rooter Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 : Smartphone Android Samsung
    (2 possibilities depending on your OS : froyo or gingerbread, for me it was the first part of tutorial : froyo)

    and next, here is a tutorial for setcpu [Guide] Installer & Configurer SetCPU (Page 1) / Tutoriaux en g
  13. d1do

    d1do Member

    I have had a gio for 4 months and with average use on with wifi on a daily basis the battery will last 1 1/2 days
  14. boule3

    boule3 Member

    45 min wifi & 30min call & average 10sms / days but no 3G
    and battery last 3 days (with setcpu to reduce 80% CPU speed when screen is off and 50% when I'm not playing like i've said before)

    i've noticed that battery of GIO decrease very fast even if we are not doing anything so it's a good solution, of course 3G take a lot of battery too
  15. alin4alin

    alin4alin New Member

    is there any way to change the battery with a powerfull one? i mean 1500mAh or 1850 maybe?

    i'm not an expert in batteries and i accept any arguments...
  16. g6ndroid

    g6ndroid Member

    Funny thing happened today. I was able to drop the battery level by 10% in around 10 seconds. Phone was in flight mode with every setting set to extend battery life (screen brightness was 0, auto-sync off, background data on, BT off, GPS off). Only wireless was turned on. I have not been able to reproduce the event.

    1. auto rotation on.
    2. *#*#4636#*#*
    3. battery information
    4. rotate the screen back and forth

    each time I did this, I would lose around 2-3% of battery life. After losing 10%, I exited to the homescreen, not wanting to further lose power. I don't know if I had continued, maybe it would have continued dropping. Out of curiousity I tried the procedure again a few minutes later and it would not drop anymore.

    It happened accidently when the screen rotated while viewing the battery information screen and I noticed the battery drop by 3%. Was amazed to see it drop again by rotating the screen over and over.

    I am trying to figure out why this happened and what the explanation is. Any ideas? Did this in some way calibrate my battery or something? Some people seem to get great battery life from their GIO but many of us, including myself, have had terrible battery life.

    I am now charging my GIO and hope this event has calibrated my battery and I will now get better battery life.
  17. Gripen90

    Gripen90 New Member

    I got my Galaxy Gio yesterday, and sofar very happy.
    However I'm searching for a battery status indicator (not the one in the top) or at least a menu that shows the remaining battery life either in hrs or % - does any one know where to find that with Android 2.3.3

    I know theres a battery use indicator that shows the percentage of battery used for e.g screen, idle etc
  18. IDEAL41

    IDEAL41 Well-Known Member

    I am surprised to see these battery issues...have had the phone about a month now...I get probably 5 days before i am told to plug the phone in...usually 3 days it hits 1/2 on the battery indicator so I plug it in then...but forgot for 5 days once...probably limited use compared to most people..2 or 3 short calls a day, 1 or 2 texts, a few minutes of wifi use per day...3g always on. phone came with 2.3.4 preloaded (bell and virgin)...had an old galaxy i7500 and this thing runs circles around it....for $100 with no contract I can't think of a better unit.
  19. EngineBlock

    EngineBlock Member

    Get the battery widget from Android Market
  20. g6ndroid

    g6ndroid Member

    you can type *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer and press battery information

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  21. EngineBlock

    EngineBlock Member

    BTW to be honest, all smartphones are probably like this, with some having slightly better life. What Ive observed, following steps can help reduce consumption if you are using Gio too frequently:

    - Turn off wifi when not surfing
    - Turn off screen brightness
    - Disable auto-rotation of screen
    - Dont use live wallpapers
    - Always check if there are any apps running in background which you might have presumably closed but haven't shut down yet

    With standby and few texts, the battery generally lasts from 1.5-2 days else with wifi on, only half a day at best
  22. victor333

    victor333 New Member

    Also, my friends have the same issue too. I came across a youtube video that suggested an extended battery. Problem solved. That is all you neeed.

  23. victor333

    victor333 New Member

    Yea, i changed from the 1500 to the 3300. The only thing is that the 3300 is thicker, so you need a differnt case. Go get it, its worth it.

  24. Gripen90

    Gripen90 New Member

    I fully recharged my new Gio Thursday evening and it was done at 23pm.
    Today there's still around 25% battery lifetime left.

    I can't complain with around 5days of battery time... but ok, I'm not a hughe mobile phone user - a few calls and sms' a day.

    I have "live wallpaper" enabled but screen time out after 30sec, and I disabled wifi, bluetooth and mobile network internet services. I also have fairly low screen brightness - it think it's clear enough at around 20%.
  25. foxontherock

    foxontherock New Member

    I found this thread because I was searching for battery troubles with samsung gio. I just got that phone for my wife.

    I disabled gps, bluetooth, synchronisation. Only wi-fi is active. I show her how to stop all process with the task manager.

    And we NEVER get alive more than 24 hours since we got it last week. The battery is always down. Very crappy battery life.

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