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Samsung galaxy battery lifeSupport

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  1. Gripen90

    Gripen90 New Member

    WiFi enabled takes a hughe amount off the battery life time.

    As said mine keeps battery for 5 days before new recharge, but I'm not a heavy smartphone user. I only activate the other stuff when needed and then disable it.

    I used Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread) which should be a bit more battery friendly... at least thats what i'm told.

  2. foxontherock

    foxontherock New Member

    I disabled wi-fi too, and now it seems that I can get 3-4 days of battery life, that is much better. We'll keep it like that. The android version installed is 2.3.4.
  3. illused

    illused Member

    Buy a new battery like $10 on ebay. Mine lasts 2 days if I do nothing much.
  4. esilviu

    esilviu Member

    I did get 9+ days on a battery charge :D

    Phone was used mainly as phone, with very small amount of internet browsing, a few pictures, and some small games. Tab "Ecran activ" show the status of the display - so it was used during the 9 days (so you can't say that I kept the phone untouched).

    1. used SetCpu to
    - reduce maximum speed from 800 to 400MHz (not so important if you don't use big apps); note: at 400 MHz phone will not get hot, no matter what app/game you run (unlike 800 MHz where even browsing internet will heat the battery)
    - reduce minimum frequency from 224 MHz to 122 MHz (this will lower the stand-by power usage almost by half)
    - change CPU scaling to "ondemand" with 40% "Up threshold" - this will make CPU to go to 225 MHz when playing music (at 122MHz some cracking noise is produced on every 122->224 transition)

    2. set the display brightness to 32/64/128 from max 255, depending on the ambient light (there are apps on market to help with this)

    3. used AutoAirplane mode to put the phone on airplane mode from 23 to 06 hours. (this produced the holes in "Semnal de telefon" tab)

    From my experience, battery eater are (in this order):
    - phone camera
    - gps with active navigation app
    - wifi + active traffic (browsing webpages with lots of pictures, youtube, etc)
    - crashed apps in background that will keep the CPU at maximum frequency
    - CPU/GPU intensive games
    - backlight of display

    Hope it helped!

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  5. Dodge34

    Dodge34 Active Member

    I tried to grab setcpu but its not free, any free alternatives...
  6. weaver.kellie

    weaver.kellie New Member

    ya our battery does the same thing, brand new.
  7. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Absolutely Impossible

    I can take a screen shot which will show 30 days on battery.(No photo-shopping)

    Don't discharge the battery below 50-60% and then charge is upto 80-85%

    Android OS will not overwrite the battery stats.

    Do it daily 3-5 times (as and when required) and get a 30 Days on Battery screenshot.
  8. esilviu

    esilviu Member

    Sorry, you are wrong.
    It did last 9+ days. Actually it's about 10% discharge per day!
    See attached images - 38 hours with no USB connections (or charger) and 13% discharge (from 100% to 87%)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. esilviu

    esilviu Member

    You may see on the original picture that charger (usb cable in my case) was connected to the phone 3 times ("Se incarca" tab), for an insignifinat amount of time - so no: the picture is not falsified by any meanings.
  10. bk436

    bk436 New Member

    I got this phone a few days ago and I was using just for calls + wifi browsing and the battery drain seemed reasonable. It would last maybe 2 days with GPS off. Now I have added 3G browsing and the battery drain seems higher even when I am connected to wifi (I believe when the phone sleeps it turns off wi-fi but leaves 3g browsing on?). It only got 12 hours on the last charge even though it idling for 99% of the time. Just by looking at the battery graph I can see that it is draining much faster when idling now that browsing has been added.

    Is this normal to get much higher drain with 3g browsing? Is there a menu option to turn mobile browsing on and off? Is there an app to do this easily?

    Also, has anyone seen any extended batteries available for this phone?
  11. Dodge34

    Dodge34 Active Member

    Now I can confirm that the battery on this phone is somewhat not so good, it drains so quickly even if everything is turned off and the screen brightness at lowest setting, if I use the phone for other things than calls, I can't have more than 2 days of battery life, I can't believe a phone can drain a battery so fast, this phone would be so amazing if the battery was better made, I would love to use the GPS and wifi on it to surf on the Internet, but it drains the battery so fast that thoses features aren't going to be used often until I can find something to charge the battery safely on the go without risking the battery life to be short (if you charge the battery all the time it shorten the life of the battery so much)
  12. cerberusss

    cerberusss Well-Known Member

    Can you provide a link? I can't find these extended batteries online for the Gio.
  13. Sizer

    Sizer New Member

    Registered just to chime in as another unhappy user. I recently bought this phone under the assumption that the specs were somewhat close to the truth. Nope!

    With minimal use the battery drains in a day, 1.5 days max (very rarely wifi, calls and texts). I have NO idea how they got the battery life estimates on GSMArena but they must've just added 2 weeks to the actual standby time and called it a day. And don't even bother turning on Wifi and GPS at the same time to say use the tripadvisor app or something. Your phone will be dead in an hour. This phone is complete, utter garbage. And this is a BRAND NEW phone. I can't even imagine how fast this thing is going to die when the battery starts getting old.

    And why should someone even have to use SetCPU and turn off orientation just to get acceptable battery life?

    Oh and the camera application loves crashing the entire phone so it has to restart.

    NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG. You push the specs/price ratio but in the end it means jack because the user experience is still trash.
  14. Dodge34

    Dodge34 Active Member

    You just got a bad one, it happens with all the phones, mine will keep a charge for around 90-159hrs or 3,5-6 days, I don't use the wifi too often and use txt message a lot and talk time is around 15-30minutes each day, I play with some games but not very often (I'm not a phone game maniac anyway, a phone for me is a phone mostly)
  15. Transaviagek

    Transaviagek New Member

    I've got the same here. I noticed that if I have got Wifi or 3G on my battery drains within 12 hours or so. I charged my battery in the morning: 100%, within 2 minutes: 91%. The galaxy gio has a horrible battery. You can download battery defender or root your phone and install a CPU control were you can save your battery life very easily with. Like for example I did: I made a profile that ensures the battery runs on its slowest when the screen is off. This way my battery last a couple of hours more. But still, it's a fact that the battery of the samsung galaxy gio is crap.

  16. Transaviagek

    Transaviagek New Member

    Big tip: seal your battery so no water can reach it, and place it in the freezer for a night or so. It will work better than.
  17. potterswheel

    potterswheel New Member

    New to android, samsung and smartphones. I accidentally discovered that a pre-installed app called "voice dialer" gave me access to many phone settings I could not find in the user manual, including battery info and wifi settings. I tried to test it for "dialing" it misheard what I said and gave me a list of phone config menus. Say "battery info" and you get the battery info. I see a bug in it because it says the battery voltage is 4mV. Uhhh, no. I'm from a hardware background and it ain't 4mV. I looked at the battery and it says 3.7V, 5 Watt-hours. Maybe they meant 3.4V? 3.7V - 4mv? Who knows what they meant. But it does give more battery info.
  18. esilviu

    esilviu Member

    It's a bug somewhere in kernel or android libs. Battery voltage is reported in volts, without decimals, but "mV" is added after the value. So "4mV" means between 4.00V and 4.30V, and "3mV" is 3.60V to 3.99V (These are proper voltages for Li-ion battery).
    But strangely enough, battery percentage is reported correctly by system!
  19. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    I just had to chime in seeing there is nothing wrong with this battery. Mine will run for days on one charge without issue.

    Everyone complaining needs to download a battery saver app which will almost double your battery life. Easy Battery Saver is the best.

    People also need to know how to condition their battery when it is new. You need to discharge it down to 5% or lower for the first three charges to condition the proper charge length for a lithium battery.
  20. khalnayak

    khalnayak New Member

    Hey guys i am having the same case that has been mentioned here, i am not very sure if it is some kind of issue but then i have not yet found an answer that i can trust, is there anyone who has an idea about the same?? :(
  21. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Are you saying you think it is an issue when you unplug the phone and it drops to 99%?

    That's completely normal.
  22. Gew

    Gew Active Member

    I experience the very same issues. I have a Galaxy Gio and I hardly do anything, call-wise. My average is 1~2 calls a day. However, I do some tweeting and reading e-mails through the built in Gmail client (Android Gingerbread v2.3.4). I also listen to some music, using the built in player. Sometimes I disable Wi-fi when I go out, sometimes I don't. However, now down to battery, it sucks. Never more than a day. I'm starting to think I have a crappy battery. My wife has a Galaxy Mini (GT-S5770) and it's battery is almost full at the end of the first day of charge. Mine is at ~15% after 10h. Since our phones uses the same batteries, I've thought about switching batteries, just to see if there's any difference.
  23. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    There is nothing wrong with the battery. You need to install a battery app which manages the network and wifi settings and turns things off when not in use. It also depends on the apps you have installed which are calling on the wifi for updates and such.

    I suggest you install a battery app and see the drastic improvement. Also you should see what apps are autostarting and trying to use the wifi.
  24. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    How will it improve the battery performance by putting it in a freezer?
    What did you notice after you put it in freezer?

    Has anyone experiences in using a 2500 mAH battery in Gio?
  25. Dodge34

    Dodge34 Active Member

    For the battery in the freezer for whatever reason sometimes it works, be sure to use a double ziploc bag for it so it can't get any water and make sure to let the battery warm up on a counter for at least 2-3hrs after removing it from the freezer and not put it back directly into the phone cause the phone will make the battery heat quickly and that could kill the battery (will get humidity in the battery which isn't recommended...) its a hit or miss, my cousin Galaxy Q got a lot better battery life after the freezer trick, but for my other cousin with her gio, she didn't get anything better.

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