Samsung Galaxy Discover -Custom OS Install Fault?

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  1. rebelleader68

    rebelleader68 New Member


    I just got this phone and the only thing I did was install a few requested updates -and Angry Birds,the update of which failed to download(thought I'd use a Mall's wifi. lol).I thought,perhaps that was causing this error,so I removed it,but,it happened again yesterday:

    Now and again(usually only happens once in a day,thankfully!),when I start up the phone,I see this screen that says something like this:

    "A custom OS has failed to install.Press volume up to continue,or voluime down to load normally."

    There is a big yellow caution triangle with an exclamation mark.

    After pressing the voulme down button,everything proceeeds as normal.

    Any ideas?

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    It could be an OTA software upgrade being pushed to your device by Samsung.
    What happens when you select the volume up button?
  3. rebelleader68

    rebelleader68 New Member

    Don't know!

    I'm too chicken to try it!

    I did contact Samsung and got a very lame reply about a custom OS and a basic OS and Safe Mode,etc.

    It's working fine,so to heck with it.
  4. khemir khouloud

    khemir khouloud New Member

    I am having the same problem since 3 days I tried to put it on the Safe Mode but I need my apps and the safe mode is not useful and whenever I restart it the warning msg is all over the screen again and neither the volume up or the volume down buttons work !!! This is driving me crazy can I just download this is program by myself ??? Help me please

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