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  1. osieorb18

    osieorb18 New Member

    I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500. Currently the phone runs Android 2.1. I was wanting to update to Android 2.3 so that I would have an easy method of turning off the data plan when doing transfers. I first tried looking on the phone, and could not find System Update in any menu. (Including the About Phone section it is supposed to be in.) Next I tried installing Samsung Kies on my computer and running it, but Kies crashed repeatedly, never actually working. I have also tried just using apndroid, but that didn't work either. What can I do? In theory I would like to update my phone.

  2. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    try to to delete Kies from samsungs hp and install kies again.
    I only have seen android version 2,2
  3. Rambo69only

    Rambo69only Member

    There are apps on the android market which enable you to turn your data plans on and off at any time.And yes I would agree with queeni you should uninstall Kies and download it again.
  4. nisa08

    nisa08 New Member

    i have a gti5500 and i have upgraded it to 2.3.4 but it kept restarting again and again after the samsung to return to 2.1...plzz help

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