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  1. longboss

    longboss New Member

    Hi everyone, great site by the way!

    I am having problems with my phone not charging.
    when it is on it no longer shows the charging icon when plugged in.
    when it is off it just stays black (it use to say charging in the middle of the screen.)

    has anyone else had this problem or got a solution?

    i am not sure if it is the charger, the battery or the phone itself.

    I quite like the phone as it is much better than my old Nokia!!!

    any help or advice would be amazing!

  2. Studio Muppet

    Studio Muppet Member

    Hi longboss!

    If you can connect to a PC via USB cable and it begins to charge then it would point at the charger being at fault. If you get nothing via USB with PC then have a good look at the phone's USB port to check for fluff/dust and clear out with an air duster/toothpick. Also take the battery out for say a good 10 minutes then put back in. If it hasn't been charged for sometime then it can take a while for the charging icon to appear.

    Hope this is some help.


    Studio Muppet... I'm having the same problems and i followed everything you said but my phone still won't charge.


    I tried it but it didn't work

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