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  1. Jenmcv

    Jenmcv New Member

    Hi i am new here, i joined after finding this site in a google search while looking for answers!

    My phone is only 3 weeks old, yesterday it was working fine all day, then a video i had filmed of my children vanished off my phone, one minute it was there the next it was gone, i didnt think much of it but half an hour later my phone froze and wouldnt respond so i did a battery pull. i put the battery back in but the phone just simply wont turn on. :(

    I have no idea whats going on. I cant understand how it could just stop working.

    I will be tkaing it back to the shop but they cant send it off to be repaired until the bank holiday is over so im wondering if anyone here has any answers?

    I have tried a soft and hard reset, neither worked. Charging doesnt work at all. my pc doesnt even recognise that its connected when i connect it through usb, its like its just died!

    My husband has the same phone so we tried my battery in his and it works on his phone, his battery doesnt work in mine but does his so it must be my phone not the battery.

    Please someone tell me this is fixable!

  2. Jenmcv

    Jenmcv New Member

    Its in London now being fixed! :D

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