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  1. faith.roberts

    faith.roberts Member

    im having problems with my texting
    it keeps repeating the text someone previously sent
    im on O2 and ive emailed them many times but they havent replied
    ive tried resetting the factory settings but nothing seems to work

    what can i do ?

  2. gmblonde

    gmblonde New Member

    im on the same network with the same problem :confused: so would be interested if you get a reply i have been keeping my fone on silent as the same text 20 times becomes annoying !!!
  3. bazza73

    bazza73 New Member

    same here i'm getting the same thing. Doing my head in
  4. faith.roberts

    faith.roberts Member

    i went into o2 today and they send for you to send it back (i have to over the internet because i bought it from the internet) and they will replace with a new one
    i think the europa needs kies but o2 didnt have before christmas which is when people starting buying them
  5. garypaulellis

    garypaulellis New Member

    We have had the same problem, if you delete the whole thread (the text conversation - that keeps repeating) the problem seems to go away, and the texts you have missed get delivered.

    Works for us - so far

  6. SteveGad

    SteveGad New Member

    This has actually made me want to return my Galaxy, even though I love it. I use it for my work, so fishing it out of my pocket to read a message asking me what I wanted for dinner 5 days ago (repeated every half hour or so) isn't funny any more. Deleting either the messages or the thread does NOT stop it!! Either Samsung or O2 need to get this sorted pronto! SO ANNOYING!!!
  7. richufc

    richufc Member

    Are there any common themes for those people who are receiving the repeated texts? Are you on pay and go or contract? Are you using the sim that came with the phone or another one? Are you connecting to the 2g or 3g network when you get the duplicates?

    Just curious as to whether all europa users will potentially suffer this problem or whether its only apparent under certain conditions - my own phone has been far (since 27th December)!
  8. olivernixon

    olivernixon New Member


    I have had the same problem!
    i have deleated the thread but it keeps on coming back! what should i do

    please email me the answer to

  9. evil_akuma

    evil_akuma Active Member

    I have this same problem.

    I'm in o2 pay as you go.
  10. olivernixon

    olivernixon New Member

    im on vodafone
  11. richufc

    richufc Member

    Are you guys on a 3G network or good old 2G? Mine is still going OK (O2 pay and go, 2G) but I did get a delayed text from the other half earlier - only by an hour or so though.

    Has anyone tried the 'Anti SMS Bomber' app on the android market? This claims to block duplicate texts and might make things a bit better until a proper fix comes along.
  12. SteveGad

    SteveGad New Member

    I spoke to a lady at O2 and she says they are well aware of this - and how annoying it is - and have engineers working on it. Looks like all we can do is wait now!!
  13. sally.f

    sally.f New Member

    so glad others are having the same problem and i'm not going crazy. Tried ringing vodaphone a while back and they suggested taking battery out and then selecting another network - may have worked for the first time . have to say it seems to be only on particular texts that get repeated - not all.
    By the way - anyone know how i can get my phone to automatically save camera pictures to the sd card not phone - i can't even get to transfer them - or am i a bet stupid?
  14. miesc

    miesc Active Member

    Same here on Tesco Payg. Problem texts seem to come from automated senders mainly Tesco themselves and employment agencies (presume they batch send) so far had no problem with indervidual texts from proper people.
  15. gazuk2003

    gazuk2003 New Member

    I can confirm the same as "SteveGad", i spoke to O2 and they said that there engineers are dealing with the issue, but annoying they could not give a time frame.

    Oh well will have to see......
  16. miesc

    miesc Active Member

    Spoke to Tesco who put me through to Samsung who say it's being worked on and gave me a time frame of 1-2 weeks (holding breath). They also confirmed that it is an O2 only issue.
  17. richufc

    richufc Member

    My guess is that they'll incorporate it the same time the official 2.2 upgrade comes out. Would make sense to patch it at the same time
  18. amysarah22

    amysarah22 New Member

    I have had the same problem too, but just to update you; I went into the O2 shop today, about to return my phone, to be told that it wouldnt make any difference, exchanging it for another one would still have the same problem. Apparently Samsung are aware of the issue and are launching an update in next couple of days (maybe even tonight!) to these phones which should solve the problem. The update is automatic so I guess just sit back and wait and see. Maybe try and turn phone of and on tomorrow morning is what the guy at O2 suggested. Fingers crossed....its sooooo annoying!:eek:
  19. poltn6

    poltn6 New Member

    Hi all, signed up here to let you know what fixed this problem for me.

    Basically flashing a different firmware (I5500xwjg9) worked on my device.

    I've documented it here: Duplicate text Samsung Galaxy i5500 / 5 / Europa - xda-developers

    Would be really interested to know if this works for others also. Obviously the usual risks of flashing firmware applies.

  20. evil_akuma

    evil_akuma Active Member

    I don't have this problem after I updated to froyo.
  21. aprenrut

    aprenrut Member

    Had my Galaxy GT-I5500 since December 2010. Same problem started almost straight away. Spoke to O2 today and they first suggested removing SIM and waiting 30 minutes then switch back on. It didn't work! Rang again and they suggested taking the phone back to and O2 shop and they would replace SIM. Looking at previous posts not sure this will work. I have connected my phone using KIES in last few days and no updated firmware available.

  22. decker39

    decker39 Member

    Hi all, i bought this phone for my son two days ago and started having these problems straight away, including the sd card mounting and unmounting by itself in the notification bar???. I took this phone back to the CPW this morning, who told me that they are well aware of this fault and offered to swap it for a new one, but the same faults would re-occur !!! As you can guess i didn't take them up on their offer but came away with a LG Optimus GT540 2.1. It amazes me how they know there is a major software glitch with the Samsung handset, but thet still sell it to whoever walks through the door !!
  23. miesc

    miesc Active Member

    Walked into an O2 shop today and asked them and was told it's sorted!!! I have to take the phone in and they reset it and download an app from Market. A search hs reveild no such app that I can find. Probably bollocks.
  24. English Rose

    English Rose New Member

    I am glad I'm not alone in having issues with texts.
    I am on o2 pay as you go,simplicity. I have only had my Samsung Galaxy Europa since 23rd Dec.
    Resetting my phone factory settings has NOT solved problem.
    I've installed & uninstalled different sms app's for Android but nothing has helped.

    If I changed from o2 would that fix issues texts?
    I can NOT afford a new phone,this phone was quite pricey for me.

  25. Naffring

    Naffring New Member

    Ok you 'orrible' lot, you all need to take the phone back or send it back to where ever you purchased it from. I called Samsung and was duly informed that there was indeed a problem with that model and the technicians are working on it and should have an ugrade available sometime soon. Not good enough. Myself and my partner both purchased one each 3 days before Xmas. I called O2 and they confirmed that our service was all ok. We took them back yesterday and got a couple of HTC Wildfires. Got a discount for the inconvenience and have not put the phones down yet. Same contract, same network, new phone, no text problems. Good luck.
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