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Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4g - Ram questionSupport

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  1. SpartanCat

    SpartanCat Member

    Hey everyone,
    I skimmed the forums but haven't yet found out how to search with in a subforum so I'm sorry if someone has already asked about this.
    I recently purchased my first smart phone - the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4g. I downloaded a fair amount of games and apps (newbie smart phone-er lol) but my basic phone functions have slowed way down and I've gotten a RAM warning a couple of times. I have an 8 gig external SD card that all of my downloaded apps are stored on but things like opening my contacts and switching between home screens are much slower than I feel they should be and I'm assuming that's an issue with the RAM. Is there a way to upgrade the ram? or turn off some of the stupid background programs it won't let me delete?
    My internet throttles down to 2g so I know I have slow internet but the phone functions shouldn't be this slow to respond.
    If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. ticojpunk

    ticojpunk Active Member

    The Galaxy Exhibit, though a decently spec'd phone, is very laggy. I found it pretty aggravating actually.
    After a few days of having it I loaded It up with the custom recovery and then Peach Sunrise and all that lag is gone. It really is night and day. Seriously consider doing it.
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  3. SpartanCat

    SpartanCat Member

    I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. What in the what and the what? I know very little about the OS and things of phones
  4. FumbleFingers

    FumbleFingers Member

    it seems that downloading a lot of programs that you'll never use would just plug the phone up with all the tracking, that each program does and accessing your contact list, phone logs, where you've been, ect.
    this phone is great for me, I keep no games on it, and I'm careful of the programs that I do install, Looking into rooting it for a little extra speed, but why Modify?
  5. SpartanCat

    SpartanCat Member

    I understand where you're coming from but I do use the majority of them that I downloaded - all the games (about six), I have a weather app, navigation, yelp, redbox, and urban dictionary. the only one i might get rid of soundhound. it's a cool app but I don't really use it. I keep my wifi, bluetooth and gps turned off most of the time and that doesn't seem to help either.
    what is rooting?

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