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  1. ryantt

    ryantt Member

    Hi i just bought this phone yesterday and i cant pay my bill or call any company that has different number extension and choose them like for example if it ask me to input number 5 for support i input 5 on my keypad and it acts like i didn't press nothing it will show the numbre 5 on my screen but it doesnt go no where..

  2. traciefly

    traciefly Active Member

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  3. ryantt

    ryantt Member

    Thanks already activate and working that is not the issue.the issue is if i dial 233 for reboost and it gets to the part that it says please input the number you are calling about i type the number and it says the number is not recognize BUT if i call reboost from my brothers cell it recognize it just fine...You think is the phone? can somebody try the #233 using the sgs2 to see if its just boost automaded system problem ?
  4. ITJ

    ITJ Well-Known Member

    just tried and it worked for me i'm running phandroid 2.16,
  5. ryantt

    ryantt Member

    thanks for you support i will go to the store and change phone again

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