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Samsung Galaxy gear Alarm when phone and wach are too far apart?

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  1. Cogliosttro

    Cogliosttro New Member


    Is there an option with Samsung Galaxy Gear wach that it will raise an alarm on wach an on my phone when connection i8s lost with the device or when they are to far apart from each other?

    Why i ask this?
    Because i often forget my phone on table (toilet sink, supermarket mall bench, car, work desk,).
    So when i move away from my Galaxy Note 3 watch and phone will notify me via alarm and vibrate?
    Or if someone is stealing my phone from my pocket.

    I have heard (cat remember from where) that watch will actually vibrate when i walk too far from phone or when connection is lost.
    (if so is it temporary or will it vibrate longer? does it make any noise?):confused::confused:

  2. DCLocal

    DCLocal Active Member

    I'm not aware of an alarm but the Gear will vibrate when the Bluetooth connection is dropped. I notice this if I leave my Note 3 on my desk at work and go to the bathroom.
  3. lylisdad

    lylisdad Member

    There is a find my phone function, not sure if that will help your specific need.
  4. shanezam203

    shanezam203 Well-Known Member

    I believe there is similar in the Note 3 if you leave your stylus behind, but not sure about the gear. maybe an app coming in future.

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