Samsung galaxy gio stuck at boot screen!! HELP PLEASE !Support

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  1. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    Okay today i tried to use custom kernel for overclocking, i downloaded this: Samsung galaxy gio overclock kernel.
    and there wasnt any tutorial or anything , then i used google on how to install custom kernel , there was some guide and i used it. i started my phone at recovery mod and installed this custom kernel zip file, then the install successfully ended and i rebooted. after reboot i am stuck at boot screen (Samsung galaxy s5660 and some stuff). i cant get to recovery mod but i can get to download mod and 1 more. PLEASE HELP MY MOTHER GONNA KILL ME IF I TELL HER THAT I FU**ED UP MY PHONE !!!!!!!!

  2. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

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  3. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    But , can you please tell me how to check my phone firmware version? it must be from my region right ?
    And can you tell me more about flashing, just tell me everything i dont want to f**k it up again.
    Thank you alot!!
  4. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    Well you can find your phone model and version on the box of your purchase.
    It should look like this :

    And I already posted a link on how to flash using Odin above :D
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  5. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    TY alot :D:D
    but, i already took my phone to repair.
    I have to call to them and take my phone back :D:D . lol :D.
    Theres two 2.3.4 choices in europe :
    S5660XXKQ3 and S5660XXKQ6 .
    Can i find this info too from my box ?
  6. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm pretty sure you can find this info on the box. :D
    Did your Mom get mad? LOL. It's OK I messed up my Gio also after like one week and I had to send it to repair! My parents were like WTF? LOL :D
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  7. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    I didnt find it on the box, but i think ill look inside there :D:D.
    Not rly mad, my mom just said repair it somehow and then its ok :D:D.
    Im having this phone since september and i rooted and stuff but now i thought that i should overclock the thing and then its better :D.
    Maybe you can give your msn or something lets talk about the flashing closer, i rly dont want to go back to repair guy.
    If my dad gets to repair before 18:00 then i start flashing it today.
    I dont rly know what time is it in your country, tell me when we can speak in msn :D
  8. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    Alright.. Anything to help someone from breaking their phone again! :D I'll send you my MSN using a Personal Message (P.M) :)
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  9. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    Okay, i added you :D
  10. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    Where are you from? Then i know what time is it in your country and when we can speak in msn . I added you to my msn , add me back.
    I know now how to do flash , BUT my pc doesnt RECOGNIZE my gio anymore!
    If you can tell me how to fix it, then i should get my gio OK.
  11. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    I'm currently in Canada. I'm from Indonesia.
    Oh, the old "Odin can't recognize my phone" situation.
    I had the same problem! Here's how I fixed it:
    -Download on your PC, Samsung Kies
    -Once installed reboot PC
    -On your PC, open Task Manager
    -Click on the Processes tab
    -Find all processes named "Samsung Kies" or "Kies" or anything that has the word "Kies".
    -Right click and end process

    1. Extract and Run Odin 4.42 Downloader for Samsung Galaxy Gio on your Desktop (Or anywhere else).

    2. Open ODIN and Click OPS button and select and load: Gio_v1.0.ops

    If you want to flash single file(.tar) click on Single package and locate the single .tar file in single package option . skip to step 7

    3. Click BOOT button and select and load:
    4. Click PDA button and select and load: CODE_S5660xxxxx_CL940762_REV03_user_low_true.tar.md5
    5. Click PHONE button and select: MODEM_S5660xxxxx_CL928654_REV03.tar.md5
    6. Click CSC button and select: GT-S5660-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5
    7. Turn the Samsung Galaxy Gio into Download mode by pressing ( Volume Down + OK + Power ) together.
    8. Connect Cable phone to pc Make sure that the program detect the phone.
    9. Click Start button if all set and ready,and wait until the program will finished downloading files. A word PASS! will appear if the flashing successfully completes.
    The phone will then reboot,you can check and confirm the newly downloaded firmware version by typing
    *#1234# and then do a full reset by typing this Code *2767*3855#

    Download Odin 4.42 Downloader for Samsung Galaxy Gio Here
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  12. Liquicity

    Liquicity Member

    Thank you my friend , everything is now okay and working .
  13. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    No problem! :) Glad to hear that!
  14. omarfupa

    omarfupa New Member

    ok so i was using titanium backup to backup my apps but later changed my mind and closed my phone to stop the process. Now my phone wont turn on and gets stuck at the boot screen (android) and the restarts again. Sometimes it gets stuck at the boot screen then a page shows up for like 1 second and says
    Blue Error handler 1.2

    My phone is LG Optimus T. my parents will kill me. I have 1 week till spring break ends
  15. vafaandalibi

    vafaandalibi Member

    have you tried Hard reset ?
  16. andrewsmart212

    andrewsmart212 New Member


    I got galaxy gio, which has Android 2.3.3, today at a worse moment of my life, I update my gio from Setting > About Phone > Update then it ask me for sign in, I login then it start updating after some time it says your phone is now restarting, then a 20 - 30 mints loading comleted and it stucks, then I restart it doesn't do anything, it only stucks at boot up screen, on that my screen just showing me Galaxy Gio S5660 and then nothing happened just stuck, I again restart but it stuck.

    now I want to restore it to factory setting by pc, if it possible, I thing i have disturb the OS so I can only restore it by from my PC.

    plz help I think i have lost my android
  17. hasithe

    hasithe New Member

    hi sir

    can you help me please
    my samsung galaxy gio gt s5660 phone had problem when some time i open the camera or internet it will restart the phone so i check with youtube and upgrade it to jelly bean

    after that my phone only show samsung galaxy gio gt s5660 screen and get black screen with back light

    i use odin tool too but still same

    Please help me if you can

    Thank you sir
  18. Gwhizz

    Gwhizz New Member

    I have tried everything, I have rebooted my phone using the Power and Home buttons, however now I am stuck on a Google location screen and still my screen is frozen. My phone is not new so probably time for un upgrade but its very inconvenient to deal with it at this point. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. I have read through all of the replies offered however non of them seem to be addressing my issue, Which is my screen is frozen and I am unable to reset settings or anything else..

  19. YazanAlHabal

    YazanAlHabal Well-Known Member

    So your kernel Zip is very corrupted, Please advice me that I am going in to your phone, You're rooted? Please download the kernel from XDA Developers Forums for those who have the Samsung Galaxy S5660, then reflash it.

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