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  1. WAFOE

    WAFOE New Member

    So right now I'm updating my Samsung Galaxy Gio with Kies. Downloading the updates on my PC was going right, but now my phone is stuch with the screen 'Downloading...'. It's been around 30 minutes now and still nothing happens. So then I thought: my phone has most of the time no connection with wi-fi in my room because my computer is in the loft. Maybe that causes the problem. Please help me!

    - Julian

  2. LemanRuss

    LemanRuss New Member

    I hadn't connected my Gio to the computer for a while. Now I did and it started the firmware upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6. Same situation as yours. The phone is stuck on "Downloading..." and the stay-on-top firmware upgrade window progress bar is stuck on 0%. Its been half an hour now. I hope its not going to get bricked if I pull it out like that. :(
  3. LemanRuss

    LemanRuss New Member

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