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  1. timy

    timy Member

    Is there any way i can update my firmware on my phone to the latest compatible version without a PC/Kies.

    Any links/ways i can just down load to my phone and install?

    Thanks for the help..

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi timy,

    I've moved this thread to the device forum, as you should get the best support here.

    I don't know this device myself. Generally there should be a software update menu, and if the manufacturer or carrier has produced an update for your phone you can check for updates there and install it that way. Do you know that there is a newer version released for this phone (all updates are for particular phones, so the fact that newer android versions exist does not mean that they have been released for this phone)?
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  3. TanetoBeach

    TanetoBeach New Member

    You can remove kies and use ODIN launching it and use the following setting as from the picture:
    also Cyanogen works with the firmware launched from the microSD
    All the best,
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