Samsung galaxy gt i9003 is showing unexpected behavior of not booting up properly.Support

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  1. niraj11

    niraj11 New Member

    Please guys advice me something regarding this.My phone is booting up couple of times in a day and its not even restart after booting.It got stuck in some kind of booting loop and then i have to do the force restart.After restart it always ask for the whole setup process again starting with language setup.After finishing each step all of phone internal memory data like contacts messages are wiped out.I am having this issue from past months.I went to service center they told me its motherboard problem but i dont think so....

    also google market and map is crashing like anything for me.

    My phone specifications

    Model name - Samsung gt i9003
    Firmware - 2.3.6
    Version - i9003DDKP4
    Build Number - Gingerbread.DDKP2

  2. Lokesh12

    Lokesh12 New Member

    I had the same issue on my samsung s-lcd. Since my phone was under warranty, samsung changed the motherboard and that seemed to fix the issue.

    (but that has not ended my problems with the phone)
  3. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    i had that problem.. i got stuck on bootloop, very frustrating.. but i sent it to the service center and got it fixed, they didn't say it had a problem on the motherboard. i think they just flashed it to a new firmware..
  4. vijay143

    vijay143 New Member

    Dear all friends i am also having the same problem i am requesting forum give us a proper solution as i have tried all the solution which are posted here i dont think problem due to.motherboard cause its stucks only in idle mode pls help
  5. vijay143

    vijay143 New Member

    Dear niraj,
    I had the same problem from two months but yesterday problem solved and i am very thankful to samsung service center ahmednagar there is no hardware issue these problem is due to software my previous version was ddkp3 now there is latest binary update is available ddlf2 dtd 20 th june 2012 so pls go to service center and ask for this
  6. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    Dear all i have the same problem <<< the only solution is to change the motherboard >>> this problem we alllllll have is due to internal memory corruption , this is found in all GT-I9003 devices and all customers have the same problem it is a manufacturing problem os SAMSUNG not ours ,,,, i have recorded this video of the problem i hope you will see it to see if this is the same problem you have ,, here is the link

    this is my post you can see it too

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