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  1. joy

    joy New Member

    My phone has just decided not to store contacts any more. I put the number in; it says "contact saved" then after about 20 seconds it disappears again. Anyone else had this problem?:cool:

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    This Samsung Galaxy forum will get more views and responses to your query than the Lounge area, joy. ;)
  3. volkschickay

    volkschickay New Member

    hi can anyone help me with my samsung gti5700..whenever i change the orientation of my phone the message that always comes out is "launcherpro beta has expired"..there are times that the screen turns to blank and it stays that way unless i shut the power off..thanks a lot..
  4. Lavene

    Lavene Active Member

    Update Launcher Pro?
  5. volkschickay

    volkschickay New Member

    thanks a lot lavene..have tried deleting some application as well messages just like i was told but still the same, however, i have yet to update launcher pro.. will my settings be deleted if i install/update it? how about my phone contacts, videos, sounds and pictures??
  6. Lavene

    Lavene Active Member

    Usually when you update an application it does not touch the settings. And I doubt it will touch anything not related to Launcher Pro. I have never had issues with it anyway.

    But of course, making a backup before embarking on changes you don't feel is safe doesn't hurt :)
  7. Baring87

    Baring87 New Member

    hi. I have a problem with my samsung GT-I5700. I just go back from France to Malaysia. When I reach Malaysia,suddenly my hp can't work. It can't receive network here. So,anyone can help me?

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