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  1. serjode

    serjode New Member

    hi to everyone, it seems that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... after a galaxy S2 with a mic echo issue, comes 'GALAXY MINI' with allmost the same problem. when someone calls me on my galaxy mini and i put ON a speaker mode they allways complain that they are hearing me twice, so i have tried it myself and it is true. does anyone have the same problem? maybe someone have a solution?

    galaxy mini built that way that the speaker is near microphone and when the speaker mode is on, in time of the conversation everything that comes out of the speaker comes back in the mic. maybe its a hardware solution.....


  2. khankll

    khankll Member

    any solution ?
    i m also having this issue ... i hear own voice twice on my sgm even the speaker mode is off ..

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