samsung galaxy music duos unsolvable problem

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  1. eventhorizont

    eventhorizont Member

    I'm desperate about this already...

    Problem: my samsung (title and: GT-S6012) turns off WIFI... I know it connects to router, because I managed to upload some photos to dropbox while WIFI is still on. But it stays on for around 1-5 seconds, then WIFI is turned off, when I try to do something what requires WIFI it turns on and again, off...

    That's not all. I thought, well... I'll just reinstall OS, funny thing is: USB connection don't work properly (tested on windows 7 64bit AND windows xp 32bit). Sometimes it connects perfectly (on win7 64bit), I can use even KIES, but when I started to reinstall OS, well... KIES (my suspicions) during reinstallation disconnected my device and windows failed to reinstall driver, so it wasn't connected and reinstallation failed. Now I have 'missing ID' error.

    So, what options do I have? Because I don't see any way how I could reinstall OS, even If my device will get new android version (4.1, I'm with 4.0.4). Unless there's a way to do this without KIES (restarting my computer fix USB problem, but I can't reconnect it to USB because it fails to connect second time).

    I know one thing, I hate samsung, my next smartphone will be googles android only because they're developing OS and I hope they can make it work with their devices.

  2. eventhorizont

    eventhorizont Member

    I just noticed samsung forum... Can someone (admin/mod) put this thread into samsung forum? Thanks.

    I would myself, but it seems that I can't delete this.
  3. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello there! Is that the Galaxy Y duos or the Galaxy S Duos? I will be happy to move it for you :)

    Edit: I saw the Galaxy music forum, but not alot of threads in there.

    Edit again: have you tried a different usb cable or a factory reset?
  4. eventhorizont

    eventhorizont Member

    It's galaxy music duos (GT-S6012). I guess it's galaxy music (GT-S6010) and galaxy Y duos (GT-6102) hybrid...

    I'm not quite sure where should my thread be, I saw samsung only forum, though. I just need any advice or help for these two questions: is there other way rather than KIES and WiFi to upgrade/reinstall OS? Maybe something like: moving OS files to phone via USB and then use device only to upgrade/reinstall?

    I did factory reset and I doubt that this is something to do with USB cable. As I said: it works perfectly, I can move files to and from device, BUT, if I disconnect device and connect it again it won't reconnect most likely. And even sometimes it fails to connect first time, so when I reconnect device it don't fail to install drivers...

    So, sometimes it fails, sometimes it doesn't.

    Looking for solution I found something interesting what might be problem: you have to disable windows USB updates and disconnect internet connection while reinstalling drivers with KIES, because windows downloads old driver version? Can someone confirm this?

    Edit: other unconfirmed possible explanation I found: there is no windows 7 64bit android 4.0.4 USB drivers?
  5. aldroid73

    aldroid73 New Member

    can someone help me with this unit S6010 root file?
  6. prabhat india

    prabhat india New Member

    (1) Samsung galaxy music duos s6012 is not supporting call record. error message displayed device not supported. pls..... help either it (call record both side) is possible or not.

    (2) It does not support to configure static IP Address to access Wi-Fi

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