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  1. jmklei0

    jmklei0 Active Member

    So, what is the best protective case for the SGN? Looking for protection from falls, not just screen scuffs and scratches. Which product marries safety, style, friction, and value most efficiently?

  2. sweeper

    sweeper Member

    i've used seidio in the past and am very impressedwith the quality of thier combo (either surface oe active) cases. good fit, and in 2 years my dinc never failed. alot slimmer than ottercase, and just as sturdy imo
  3. jmklei0

    jmklei0 Active Member

    Thanks. Does it have too much grip, though, which would make it more difficult to slide into a pocket?
  4. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    I had the Surface, and it felt fine. Almost matte-like, not too slippery (definitely better than the bare phone), and would slip into a pocket fine.
  5. jmklei0

    jmklei0 Active Member

    What is the difference between 'surface' and 'active'?
  6. jmklei0

    jmklei0 Active Member

    I'm looking at the Sedio Surface at Amazon. It does look better than the rest. Only problem is that there are no ratings yet. I'll order it and try it out.
  7. ProbeDroid

    ProbeDroid Member

    I haven't had any experience with it except with my moms iPhone was an Otterbox. I've thought about getting one of those too but I know it does add a bit of bulk to it. Depending on which one you get you can get one that completely encases the phone including the screen. Has anyone had this on their GNexus yet?
  8. qwopzxnm

    qwopzxnm New Member

    I'm looking at the Seidio cases as well but they say that they will not work with the extended battery installed.

    Some people are saying they are using the standard battery cover with the extended battery in place and it is working however I am hesitant to try that as it may put increased pressure on the internals of the device.
  9. qwopzxnm

    qwopzxnm New Member

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  10. ProbeDroid

    ProbeDroid Member

    I got myself an otterbox and it can accomidate the extended battery.
  11. sweeper

    sweeper Member

    i have an extended battery in my nexus and what i did was trim the felt from the bottom of the inside of the case, and it fits fine. i only trimmed about half of the felt (bottom of case) and left the rest on the case. works for me:D
  12. rjcapp

    rjcapp Active Member

    seidio definitely makes nice stuff
  13. ProbeDroid

    ProbeDroid Member

  14. petererb

    petererb New Member

    I would recommend the Black - Cruzer Lite Androidified A2 TPU Case
  15. kwoolf1

    kwoolf1 Member

    Same here. It's a strong case but doesn't win many points for sleek factor.
  16. downtownjeff

    downtownjeff New Member

    I just got my Trident Kraken case in the mail today and it exceeded all my expectations. Appears to be extremely tough and the fit is excellent. I am also impressed that I got a kickstand, holster clip and screen protector.

    Since I don't have an extended battery, yet, I cannot comment on that. I'll let you know when I get one.

    AN by the way, I called Trident before I pulled the trigger. It is made for the LTE version.
  17. rachel spencer

    rachel spencer New Member

    You can get a variety of them at Cell Phone Accents. They have a large variety of them available at great prices.
  18. selee

    selee Member

    I am also very satisfied with the Trident Kraken case.

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