Samsung Galaxy Nexus locked screen volume

  1. cnagler58

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    hi. I have a Samsung galaxy Nexus. when the screen is locked, and i receive a SMS text with GO SMS PRO I can not mute the message notification tone until i unlock the screen. When the phone rings and its locked I can mute the ring tone. Any suggestions on how to mute a SMS text when the device is locked with the volume control button? Thanks

  2. teddyearp

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    cnagler58, welcome to the site :)!

    I do not think there is a way to do what you wish. When we get a phone call, the sounds are easily muted by swiping it off. However when you get a text message (no matter which messaging app you use) the phone needs to be unlocked to silence the notification.

    Personally I use Settings Profile pro to make sure all my notifications are muted under certain circumstances using my location. Others use Tasker or Locale. I do realize that these apps probably do not fit the exact requirements of which you ask.

    good luck
  3. cnagler58

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    thank you for the response and information.

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