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  1. dixiedomer

    dixiedomer New Member

    Hi all,

    Please help. Newly bought samsung galaxy nexus, 2 weeks ago, never drop the phone but the screen started to flickers randomly. Please find the link below for my video that I've uploaded on youtube. Please advise.

    ** Samsung Galaxy Nexus Screen Problem - YouTube

    Thank you.

  2. stenzor

    stenzor Well-Known Member

    Probably a bad connection to the screen. Get it replaced. It's most definitely a hardware issue
  3. Kancerstick

    Kancerstick Member

    that doesnt look good at all... when my samsung led monitor died.. it acted up the same way right before it went.
  4. zebug

    zebug Well-Known Member

    Yep, just return it, nothing to worry about....unless you got it from ebay, then you're screwed
  5. dixiedomer

    dixiedomer New Member

    The worst part is I called up the telco centre that sold the phone to me in MALAYSIA does not provide 1-1 ex-change ! Really regret of buying it from there.

    Can I lodge report to samsung or any other advise?
  6. sunsetorange

    sunsetorange New Member

    Here is the answer if you are having issues with the Galaxy Nexus (as I did, straight out of the box). Once you have it, unless you are able to directly return/exchange the defective product...then you have to send it to Samsung for a Warranty Repair. They send you a UPS label, and it takes (apparently) 5-7 days. I will attach a photo of what my screen looked like when I received the phone -- a large permanent purple dot is present on all screens.....

    Q: What do I do if my Galaxy Nexus is broken?
    Google is not providing replacements for broken or defective Galaxy Nexus devices. If your phone has a manufacturing defect, it is covered by a one year warranty. Please contact the Galaxy Nexus US Dedicated Line at 1-855-392-6398. Additional warranty information is provided in the retail box for your phone. Please note that because Samsung US (STA) does not carry this SKU in the US and does not have parts to perform repair, if an HSPA device is submitted for an non-warranty return (for example if the phone is dropped and the screen cracks), the cost will be for a full replacement device ($499).

    You should factory reset the device if you can before sending to Samsung.

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