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samsung galaxy nexus screen replacement??General

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  1. dgoinallout

    dgoinallout Active Member

    I need a new screen. Im lookin the screens up and they are expensive... i went on amazon and they have just he glass part for like 15 20 bucks instead of 150 for the while digitizer... is it worth gettin? Also isthe i9250 screen the same as the i515?????

  2. ryanln

    ryanln Member

    My wife broke her screen, I looked into the replacement, and the reason it is expensive is that you need to replace the entire frame because the screen and LCD is fused to the frame. You can buy the cheap screen from Amazon, but I think you will find that you will end up destroying the LCD screen.

    I would really recommend taking it to someone that replaces these for as a job. Not to try and do it yourself.
  3. dgoinallout

    dgoinallout Active Member

    Yes but are the screens the same . Cause im not finding any i515 model. All for i9250
  4. darkodroid

    darkodroid Member

    All the screens are the same
  5. MrAreCool

    MrAreCool New Member

    I was told by someone selling a screen for the Sprint version (SPH-L700) that it would not work on the Verizon version (SCH-I515) that I just purchased. He did say that he had not tried it, but that is what he had been told. Can you, or someone else, confirm that the screens between these models are the same for me please before I spend some on my hard-earned funds on a part that will not work?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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