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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 FAQ

    Greetings fellow members! This post will be updated as the forum grows to include links on common issues and FAQ's for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you have anything you think should be added please feel free post here: Private chat with Staff members. In addition, If you have any of your own FAQ's, tips, tricks, or suggestions please feel free to post them below. We are looking to expand this FAQ and with your help; turn it into one of the most comprehensive guides at Android Forums.

    Useful links:

    FAQ Section:

    General Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Forum FAQ:

    1. General Android phone FAQ's?
    2. How can I improve my battery life?
    3. Are there any Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tips & Tricks?
    4. What are the known problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ?
    5. Forum related questions.
    6. What is root?/What does being rooted mean?

    Q: General Android phone FAQ's?
    A: Here is a thread on general Android Phone FAQ's

    Q: How can I improve my battery life?
    A: Smartphones operate on a sort of spectrum. On one end you could put battery life, on the other end all those options like wifi/3g/4g sync (among other things). If you want great battery life you can't have those on all the time. If you want those on all the time, you won't get great battery life. It is best to find the compromise that works best for you and what you want most out of your phone. Here are a couple of things that you could consider - adjust the screen brightness, do not use live wallpapers, switch off networks when not in use (WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS), adjust update intervals for widgets (do you really need twitter/facebook notifications every half hour?). You could also consider downloading a battery monitoring app such as JuiceDefender.

    Q: Are there any Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tips & Tricks?
    A: For any tips, if you use the "filter by" and select "Tips" in the sub-forum, you will get many useful tips and tricks.

    Q: What are some of the problems people have with their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ?
    A: For any problems and their solutions, if you use the "filter by" and select "Support" in the sub-forum for useful information.

    Q: I have a question about how to do something around the forums.
    A: Here is a FAQ devoted entirely to that: Android Forums FAQ

    Q: What is root?/What does being rooted mean?
    A: Here is a post explaining that: What is rooted/does being rooted mean?
    Here is a link to the
    devices "All Things Root Guide" sticky: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Root Guide

    Additional links:

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    My links work (all but the 1st one,since deleted),where are you getting your links (which don't work)?
  5. jack58

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    None of the above links work!
    I get this message:
    Android Forums - Error
    Error 404 - Not Found

    And my computer and internet connections are as good as it gets.
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    Which didn't answer the question - where did you get those links from??

    Reported to admin - would appreciate it if we knew where you got that list.
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    I clearly said in my post #3 above:
    Additional Useful Links for every GALAXY NOTE 4 User:

    13 things every Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owner should do

    To make it clearer, here:

    13) Explore Galaxy Note 4 Forums for more
    What’s the best place to get help, tips, tricks, support, suggestions, and information about the phone you have? From other people that also have that phone! That’s why Android Forums has become such a great resource and our Galaxy Note 4 Forums are especially awesome. Feel free to browse as a guest or sign up for a free account to begin posting (and you’ll see less ads!).

    For more tips and tricks for beginners, be sure to check out the following threads:

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    Got it.
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    is the Note4 ever getting Samsung Pay?

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