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  1. ajs042

    ajs042 New Member

    this is my very first android phone and have been using this for 2 months and i have never had much problems with it. however these days it tends to overheat only at night, i always end running applications that i don't use and also on the task manager however it stills overheat and today it was extremely hot and my battery that was 90% the night before had died in the morning not only that i quickly took out the cover and the battery and had a burnt smell. i'm afraid if this keep happening my battery will either spoil or melt. does this happen to anyone else? and is there any way to fix it? i am using the ice cream software.

  2. touringhaggis

    touringhaggis Well-Known Member

    I believe that a burnt smell would be grounds for me to return the phone for a replacement as this sounds quite dangerous. Watch it over the next few charges as it could be that you have a faulty battery.

    Eric Ritchie.
  3. JazzyBoss

    JazzyBoss Member

    Give this a try..

    Install Cosmos application from the play store

    Enter Battery optimizer and select "Extreme" option

    Hope this will resolve your issue by killing any useless process which is draining out your battery automatically.

    If this does not work, take your phone to the service center.

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