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Samsung Galaxy Player armband compatabilityTips

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  1. Musichead4444

    Musichead4444 Active Member

  2. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    I don't know offhand if it will fit, but I can suggest that you look up the specs for the phones that the ad says the armband will fit. If one of them has a 5 inch screen, you're good to go.

    You'd be well advised also to read through the reviews to see if anyone has used it with a device with a 5 inch screen. I always read the reviews anyway. They can reveal problems or issues that are not obvious at first. Of course, you have to filter out the whining, but it's still worthwhile reading.

    I appreciate forum comments...they can be quite informative. But there's nothing that compares to doing your own research. It can save one a lot of heartache.
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