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  1. singla_616

    singla_616 New Member

    Dear All,

    First of all thanks AndroidForums to accept me as a part of a large community dedicated to android. i am very happy to join u.:D

    Secondly - I am from INDIA and recently bought Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA model (SCH i559) with Froyo 2.2 and want to enquire (a) if i can upgrade my phone to gingerbread as it is done in samsung galaxy mini (both are same model but its a GSM version), also (b) if OS of a phone (android) has anything to do with phone technology (GSM/CDMA) and (c) whats are the benefit of upgrading OS in mobiles with low processors like galaxy mini,fit,pop in my case.

    Note - I have already done rooting in my phone, it is working fine and i am very happy with it

    I would really appreciate everyone if you could help me in my problem. thanks everyone for there like,comments,feedbacks.


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  2. singla_616

    singla_616 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to all those who took their time to see my problem, but still i had got no answers.
    i would appreciate if anyone could help me!!!

  3. imran.hodekar

    imran.hodekar New Member

    waiting for same --
  4. singla_616

    singla_616 New Member

    Is there anyone who could help!!!!
  5. muttalib32190

    muttalib32190 Member

    Update is available on Kies .. if you can upgrade your firmware plz let me know .. while processing to upgrade it disconnects and reconnect phone in Kies. plz let me know if you have the same problem.
  6. friendslove

    friendslove New Member

    Hey bro HAVE you Update your phone, because i heard that, while try to update PHONE HAS BEEN CRASH.... so kindly reply
  7. paragnasik

    paragnasik New Member

    it crashed while upgrading!! i559 cdma
  8. galaxypopi559

    galaxypopi559 Member

    guys..... i have updated my SAmsung galay POP CDMA through kies Succcessfully. My Handset came with Android 2.1 & now i have Android 2.2.2.

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